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First question my wife asked, where's the alarm ?  Smart gal, huh.  Here's the scenario, we're on vacation, things are pleasant, waves, sunset, a gentle warm breeze.   ding ding ding, a notification to the smart phone, fantastic, now we can see in real time some sob ransacking our house.  quick, call the local cops, maybe even the neighbors - to warn them to stay inside ?  maybe get a licence plate number. 


WHY DOESN'T NET GEAR Put A Blaring Horn In The System ?  Not battery powered of course, one that is plugged into the wall, triggered by Mr. Arlo  ( obviously a battery back up in the horn would be great ).  Fascinating for the level of brilliance this system has, you guys left out the most obvious feature. 


The rest of our vacation is pretty much shot.  If we didn't have Arlo, we'd be blissfully ignorant.  If we had a different alarm system with a loud horn, we'd still have our valuables.


I can't be the very first one to " bring this to your attention " ?    Who's the MBA managing you guys ?

Although this siren feature was implimented it still could use some compatibility with a real DIY security system with sensors. For example, a security system like Abode fully integrates with the NEST cams. It goes way beyond having to use expensive cams for every point of entrance and gives the ability to temporarily or permanently utilize call center monitoring. Instead, you purchase cams where traffic is most likely and utilize much less expensive sensors for other areas of entry. I feel Netgear Arlo gets us only 75% of the way there...

Alro pro base station has an alarm. As much as i love my arlo setup the alarm is weak. It didn't even phase my cats :/

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Not trying to be a spoiler here, but was the cost of your stolen items more expensive than a professional 24/7 monitored security system. My professional system cost less than what I have spent on my Arlo cameras. Good professional security systems are relatively inexpensive these days and the DIY installations can usually be done in an hour or two. Yes there is a small monthly fee, but half of that fee is for cellular communications which means that the burglar can cut your power and internet cables but the system will still work. The cost of this system is a mere fraction of the items that were stolen and a fraction of the items that the insurance did not reimburse me for, not caounting the aggravation of the experience.


Arlo and other iot systems should never be your primary security system, but act a a backup for a true security service. My two cents worth.




I'd like to say that the current implementation of the alarm is terrible.  It is totally in the way at the top of the screen and always sliding down and getting in the way of the controls for my first camera.  What's worse is that it's easy to accidentally set off.  I've done it twice now.  Please relocate this feature to where it's behind a menu.  Ok, it's great to have an alarm (Though I can't imagine ever using it)... but it doesn't need to be a giant panic button on the front of the display.

PLEASE, somebody help me how to find Siren button on my i-Phone ARLO app... I have Siren button on my i-MAC only, but no button in phone app. How to set it up ? Thank you!

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