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Video doorbell camera connect to base station for local storage

It would be nice to connect the new Arlo video doorbell to my Arlo Pro 2 base station so I can have local and cloud storage.  I do not mind needing the Smart Premier plan for it to work.   I live in a townhome community where park side by side.  People mess with unlocked cars and my neighbors ask for my video.  The time frame varies between incident and asking for the video.  With my 2 TB HDD I can store a years worth  of videos. 


Great idea! My only concern would be connecting through the base station might add lag to any 2-way communication. It's certainly worth considering as an option


I agree a subscription should still be required. I too don't mind paying for that. But for local storage. Would the doorbell have to connect directly to the base station for local storage. After the event couldn't the video be downloaded to the local storage in the background? The local storage is for later viewing if needed usually. This way there should be no extra lag time for the live event. Just a thought. I'm not sure how the live events and local storage works for the cameras. Does it go to the cloud first on an event trigger and then in the background sync with local storage or does it send to both cloud and local at the event trigger? Anyways I agree it would be nice to have a local copy.

Arlo Moderator
Status changed to: Implemented

Arlo SmartHubs - VMB5000 and VMB4540 are now compatible with the Arlo Video Doorbell.  Please ensure that your SmartHub firmware is updated to the latest version, as listed below.


  •  VMB5000
  •  VMB4540
  •  VMB4000
  •  VMB4500


To migrate your Arlo Video Doorbell from WiFi connection to your Arlo base-station or SmartHub, please remove it from your account, wait for the factory reset to complete (LED ring should be solid white) then re-onboard.


This is the full list of supported base-stations and SmartHubs for the Arlo Video Doorbell.