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Upgrade/Promotional Buyback program

Why doesn't ARLO offer an Upgrade/Promotional Buyback program? I'm a relatively new customer and yes I know the new cameras are backward compatible with whAt I have but I would like and could really use some of the new features for all my cameras.


ARLO PLEASE consider putting together a program to help out all your customers that have older equipment. Buying the newer cameras and base station to get some of the needed capabilites and functions is just not affordable for me.


I second RAKNM's request and am sure that there are many other Arlo users who would like to see Netgear offerring a buy-back program.

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I agree as well, and would like such a program. It would be beneficial to both Netgear and loyal customers. Please DO consider. I’d like to at least see Netgear address this topic and provide some feedback as I believe many would be interested.


Thank you.


Seeking Arlo, NetGear’s “Loyalty Upgrade Program”?  It’s grievous to believe there isn’t such? 


If this is correct and loyalty means nothing NetGear,

 Simplisafe, Lorex, Blink, Ring, Swann, Ezviz, D-Link, Logitech, Zmodo, SANNCE, Oco, Nest Cam, Foscam, Anran, Leshp, ONWOTE, Night Owl, Canary, Amcrest, Zmodo Pivit, Amazon Cloud Cam, Maximus, Annke, Kuna, Motorola, Reolink, ZOSI... will be my next purchase.

 Arlo has improved and many of us have lived through years of their growing pains. It’s aggrieve for NetGear NOT to have an upgrade, loyalty program rewarding those of us for our allegiance!




Yes, I agree! I am considering going to better Pro level cameras but unless there is some form of buy-back / rebate I will go to another manufacturer.


I agree. I have not even had my Pro 2 cameras for 10 months now and just read that they are releasing Arlo Ultra on Jan 31 2019. The price for the 4 camera bundle is only $200 more than I paid for my 4 camera bundle. I am bummed because I bought the pro 2 wanting the best high def resolution I can get but They still can’t make out license plate a or details when zoomed in. I wish there was a way I could trade up my pro 2 cameras for 4 of the ultra cameras and just pay for the upgraded differerence. Arlo should really consider this option!


Arlo should have a program that allow current users to upgrade from arlo or arlo pro to arlo ultra