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Upgrade/Promotional Buyback/Trade in program

Why doesn't ARLO offer an Upgrade/Promotional Buyback program? I'm a relatively new customer and yes I know the new cameras are backward compatible with whAt I have but I would like and could really use some of the new features for all my cameras.


ARLO PLEASE consider putting together a program to help out all your customers that have older equipment. Buying the newer cameras and base station to get some of the needed capabilites and functions is just not affordable for me.


It's all about firmware. 

That was my point.  Some of the features people are talking about are hardware features.  I agree completely that it is fair to expect Netgear or any manufacturer to provide additional features over time that are firmware enhancements.  But when we start asking for USB ports and attached storage...or audio capabilities and enhanced motion detection or a siren...we reach beyond firmware features to physical hardware that has been designed into the Pro, but was not part of the original hardware design.


I understand what ur saying it makes sense. But just to clarify. The first model has USB ports. They are there for a reason. There plans were to create firmware for this. But the moved to a newer device. For sound that's not happening. I am a sr system engineer for a living I need with Netgear on a regular basis with Sans,Nas, switches. I can tell you their not customer driven at timea. This who arlo thing is just and add on.

I should have went with Poe cameras with a NVR. I was being cheap. 


Got it.  I hadn't paid too much attention to the back of the first base station.  I have two of them, but only deployed one of them.  I'm a retired life-long geek...worked for DEC for 13 years in manufacturing and then 20 years as a CIO.  I even got to play with microcode back when it really was microcode...bits linked to the legs of descrete Schottky logic packages...yuck.


I had a bad experience with my Arlo about 6 weeks ago when I was on vacation (thousands of miles away) and they pushed a firmware upgrade to my base station which knocked 6 of my 11 cameras off a critical time when I needed them to monitor a construction project.  When I entered a case explaining my situation I was given a stock response that completely ignored the details of my case and recommended I remove the batteries from my cameras and bring them close to the base unit to resynch them.  


I do agree there is much to be improved in terms of customer intimacy and support.  For my new home, I'm deploying Axis cameras and NVRs, but will complement those with a few others.  I will likely use Arlo cameras for extra coverage when I'm away and want more "eyes" around the house.  But the Arlo's were great for monitoring a new build site when there were no walls in which to run wires!


Wow that's sad. I haven't found a way to turn of automatic firmware updates. But I would have been very mad and would have torn into them. I realize this product is for non advanced users who need a home monitoring system. For people like us we need more. Arlo is a nice product given what it is. But I wouldn't buy it again. Next time I will take the time and run cat 6 cable for a professional system. And purchase a Poe system. I will buy the rechargable batteries when they do release them.

I like POE as well.  I even found a little 5 port POE powered switch that solved a little problem I had at one location.  I can power the switch from my house which has generator backup power and power a camera or two from the switch in my workshop.  I installed about a dozen CAT6 cables in my new house along with some conduit for future technology.


Then in leiu of a buyback or trade-in program, possibly a discount for current registered owners and a deep discount for same year purchasers.  I'm sure you realize the lively responses in this thread are representative of many others who, for whatever reason, have not posted but are surely wondering why current customers have to scrap their systems to obtain all the new features.  A timely response is needed here.


If these were cheap (monetarily) systems, this would not be an issue as most people know you get what you pay for.  I do not think the rationale of "your existing cameras can by synced to an Arlo Pro Base Station" solves the above mentioned problem.  We paid a premium for your system(s) and expect a reasonable path to upgrade to new systems without just having to buy new products at retail prices. 


After continued consideration, I believe a copy of this thread needs to be forwarded to Netgear Administration (probably the COO/CFO) as I suspect these posts are not going any further than this forum.  Not that we are being ignored, but this is usually the nature of these forums.  Small fires are put out here, but large smoldering issues are watched until they erupt into flame.


I purchased my Arlo system (4) pkg at Best Buy during the holiday's as they were having a great sale. However i did not get a chance to speak with any of the sales people. Does anyone know if there is a trade up program for the Arlo camera's. I purchased the 4 package system without audio, not knowing that the next pkg was with Audio. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.


I know of no trade program to go from the arlo camera system to the arlo pro camera system (or any component thereof).



Considering you bought then 8 days ago, very poor business on Arlo's part. I am in the same boat. The fact that the manufacturing cost is probably 20% of the retail price (at most), they be able to give you a hefty discount. Arlo needs to understand that there biggest source of marketing is their existing customers. They should not leave a bad taste with their customers.