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Update Snapshots at regular intervals

I've seen suggestions for an "emergency record" mode, where one click would begin recording all cams.  I have suggestions for a couple things:


  1. Allow for an updated snapshot at regular intervals, not just at the last motion detected.  For example, even if no motion has been detected for days, updating the snapshots displayed in the Arlo dashboard every hour, two hours, or whatever would be great.  I wouldnt have to click "LIVE" and then "PAUSE" on each camera separately just to get an idea of how things are looking currently.
  2. A button to make all cameras live simultaneously as well as a "pause all" would be great also.  Or, related to above, just a button to refresh snapshots on demand.
@DOTTAT  wrote:

Why is there not an option to force a preview update

That sounds workable to me, since it allows people with lots of cameras or poor data service to avoid the downside.


You probably do want this to done in the background though - and there will be a lag.  The base station needs to get the notification to refresh, then it needs to wake up the cameras, take the snapshot, and send it back to the cloud.


Really thought this was a standard .

Just bought 8 ultras, and now when Im setting them up I realized that I have to click and play each and every one just to see what's there?

When I hear a notice outside with my old system I just pulled up my phone and saw all my cameras on a grid to get an overview.

Now it's 8 times 10 sec for each camera.

That's well over a minute just to get a peace of mind over my farm.


Please help me with this else I just might have to return all these cameras


I run a IFTTT applet to periodically record 10 seconds at each camera.  This will update the display in the app, so it alleviates the need to switch to live view just to update the image.  It goes like this:


If [Date & Time: specific time] then [Arlo: record for 10 s at specific camera]


I could also eventually string these together to make a time lapse.  It would be preferable to record a snapshot rather than a video, but the IFTTT controls do not allow that.


I need to be able to capture a screen shot every 10 minutes for my weather web site, does anyone know of an automated way to do regular time intervals screen shots from Arlo? 


Has anyone tried talking directly to the ArloHub bypassing the app\site? 


Has anyone used a web crawler and screen shot script to log in and automatically capture\download data on a regular basis? 

Thanks in advance 


When I take a quick look at my mobile app, I would like to see a snapshot taken within the last few minutes, rather than always having to go into live view mode. This can show me what home looks like while I'm away. This would be a huge time saver and camera battery saver. 


Before I bought this Arlo Ultra security camera I reviewed and compared it. The reviews were favorable. Having had my system just a week, I'd agree with the reviews, including when it comes to one of the few criticisms about the system. I, as in the reviews have found the software the one place for improvement. A few tweeks will have this system far ahead of the game. One software enhancement I'd like to recommend is a setting that allows that, while you are watching your cameras remotely from your computer and cell phone, the software automatically cycles through your cameras at an interval set by the user. This would be greatly appreciated.


In order to make the Arlos cameras above excellent, it is urgently necessary to eliminate the 5 to 10 second discrepancy between the viewed and the actual image.
Otherwise, in certain situations the cameras will only allow you to interact with the past.