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Unlimited live streaming...

I understand that the Arlo Pro 2 cameras can do unlimited recording with cloud storage if you pay extra for the plan.  My question is, if I want to live stream continuously to an iPad, it times out after about 30min.  I would like to continue to use the multiple Arlo Pro 2 kit for my house so I can have a unit outside observing the driveway and swingset to watch my kids, but at the same time also have one inside monitoring our baby.  I understand it isn't the "baby monitor", but as I just described, it can be used for other means both inside and outside, such as in the basement to monitor the kids playing, etc.  It makes the most sense to allow for me to monitor all of these things simultaneously since if the baby is napping, it's useful to be inside with the baby but to still be able to monitor the older kids playing outside.  


I understand the issue with the Arlo Pro 2 if it is on battery power to have it turn off after a set period of time, however, this unit can also be wired.  Perhaps there could be an option to "disable the 30 min timeout" default setting, or the unit could just notice that it is plugged in and automatically turn off the "time out" default.  This seems like an incredibly easy fix to just "allow continuous live streaming when plugged in" or something to that effect.  Myself and other family members that I have recommended this to may have to move on to another product if this simple option isn't available.  


I have been using the live streaming as a monitor in kids’ bedrooms over night. Just recently, within the last month or two, my cameras have been timing out after 30 minutes—this is a NEW problem for me. Seems like with the latest update, this was implemented so that I would have to purchase the CVM plan, which was NOT required when I purchased my Arlo system (6 camera set). I was able to view a live stream on at least two cameras simultaneously for unlimited amounts of time.  I don’t need to record; I just want to be ale to view/listen in real-time for longer bursts than 30 minutes, especially on the two cameras that are plugged into a power source. This seems like a very shady “update”...


I'm seeing the same thing after the update a few days back. Before the update live viewing on the website ("my arlo") would time out after 30 minutes, but the app on mobile devices could live view longer. Now with this update the mobile app also stops live view after 30 minutes. A very shady update indeed.


So people have been asking for livestream 24/7. Not even recording but to live stream 24/7 if plugged into a power outlet since 2018 and it's still not an option? 


What if we pay for CVR would we be able to livestream 24/7 since it should be recording 24/7? 


Arlo is not interested in helping those of us with older cameras. This IDEA EXCHANGE is their way of getting NEW Ideas for their UPCOMING Cameras. They aren't going to update and old out of date camera with new features, they want us to Update to the new cameras, so they continue to make money.


That's what it's all about MONEY!


We are the guinea pigs that provide them with a FREE Think Tank.


Any Ideas a person here comes up with, and it is used in their cameras should be paid Royalties, after all, it is that persons intellectual property and as such Arlo should be made to Pay for it.


Demand Change or Boicot they altogether spread the word over social media warning others that these super expensive cameras are superseded two months after you buy it and are not updated with the latest features.


Yea it honestly sucks that they aren't even considering this feature. I would 100% recommend these cameras to others but with what should be a basic feature/option not available I'm not recommending it to ppl who have asked. From what I've read a lot of people want this feature. Yes they are wireless but if you plug them in you should have the option to disable the 30 minute limit. 


Even if it's limited 2-3 cameras with 24/7 streaming ability and the others only work the way they do now with motion. Like give your customers something. Meet us halfway. 


You have to pay for a "CVR" subscription for the camera you want to live stream with. Then you can live stream for longer than 30 minutes at a time. If you want to do this with 4 cameras, then you need 4 CVR subscriptions. Each subscription is for one specific camera.


So this feature is already there, but it's an expensive add-on feature.



As I said, they are only interested in making as much money out of the suckers (US) as they can.


They have no interest in their customers, it's pretty evident from the lack of response from the Arlo team to questions posed by customers on this forum.


Yea it's very unfortunate. I really liked these cameras. Since I can't do a basic function of live streaming 24/7 with the cameras plugged in UNLESS i pay for the CVR I'm going to return them. I don't need them to record 24/7. I only need it to record motion zones but I want to be able to Live stream 24/7. Ohhh well. I'm only one customer they are going to loose. They won't mind I'm sure.


Hi, can arlo pleas comment this case if they are going to implement this feature as an option in settings for individual camera to chose if 24/7 stream enable or not, or a time limit chosen by user for how long from and til time the live stream should be enabled 


It is pretty nuts that this trivial request is almost 2 years old.  I would never have bought an Arlo camera if I had known that it had this ridiculous limitation.  This should be advertised very prominently on the packaging and product materials as it is a significant deficiency compared to every other smart security camera product out there.  It is also a really poor sign of Arlo's engineering that they can't evolve their product to account for this in nearly two years.