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Timelapse feature


Please include a Timelapse feature in the Arlo APP. i just want

to view what happened throughout the day rather than viewing it at different times.

Would like to see it record a few minutes every 30mins or so. Currently you can set up schedules,

why not expand this feature into timelapse. This will be a great feature to have as none of the other

brands have this. And its well needed. Sometimes you dont have celluar signals or wifi. This fixes that

loop hole.







I agree.  I think a fast forward option would be great for playback.  Having to sit and wait for a playback to hit the video capture you want to see is tedious.  First world problem, but if they can offer faster playback  that would be nice.


This is a great idea!  I had suggested in a separate thread that having the ability to concatenate all video files for a day before download would be really useful - rather than individually downloading (potentially) hundreds of videos and then joining them into one.


So a timelapse would be really useful - providing it can also be downloaded.





Ring and Nest have this with a fantastic scrubbing feature. Arlo should have it to stay competitive.

7/22/2019 U.S.A.

I have all my cameras plugged in and set for 2 minute recordings.  It would be awesome when you are watching a recording to be able to see timelapse as you're sliding the fast forward slider button.  As of now it skips to that point where the slider stops, but you may have actually missed something.   Timelapse would show the video as fast as you move the slider so you can see if something came into view that you need to know about.