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Time Format

Why not use international timing format (24hrs) instead of the US Format (am/pm) only.


2016 i saw a thread about making it so you can choose 24hour clock instead of 12/am/pm.

What is happening? How do I change?

It's not even just that it's irritatingly fixed as 12 hour format with no option for 24 hour, it has a leading zero which is usually used to signify 24 hours format.


This problem is compounded when receiving notifications on iOS as the AM/PM wraps onto the next line making it look even MORE like a 24 hour time.

Time format wrapped in notifications.Time format wrapped in notifications.



Can't believe Arlo still haven't added 24hr time as an option. I thought this was a global company, not just for America. Lol, just noticed it says my content was last auto-saved at 05:25 PM at the bottom here. Do you design your products in inches and feet too? 


I am sure most European users would much appreciate a military time format. This has been requested on this site before, as long back as in 2016. What is the current status on this issue now? Is it a technology problem (sounds strange, should be a quick fix) or is it just lack of will?


Pls fix this