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Thumbnails for remote/local storage

Thumnails for remote storage. Would be great


@Johnny290 wrote:
Thumnails for remote storage. Would be great

I'd like this too.


Yes, Thumbnails definitely need to be implemented.

Can we please get thumbnails for local SD card recordings via both iOS and Android apps.

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Easy to miss given the spelling.


Local storage is seriously crippled without thumbnails *and* a video count in the main view instead of the list icon.


I have Arlo Pro 2s and just added a couple Pro 3s, I'm seriously considering returning the 3s because even with the other improvements it means that (if I don't want a monthly fee) I need to switch to local storage, and this ruins the usability for the Pro 2s as well.

This is not the place to discuss possibly misguided complaints about how cameras work, especially when they based on not understanding of how things work.


Absolutely a must to make searching for a specific clip easy