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Theft Deterrent

The cameras placed outside can easily be stolen.  The motion sensor lag sometimes does not capture video until it is too late.

I believe that each camera has its unique serial number.  It would be great if Arlo could disable stolen cameras or provide some ability to track or recover stolen cameras.  Even an image captured when an attempt(s) is later made to register the camera to a new base station.


Yes, a fail-safe feature definitely needs to be made a top priority. Myself and many neighbors have had our Arlo cameras stolen. Police reports were filed, but not much else we can do.

Myself and many neighbors had our Arlo cameras stolen. There appears to be no way to disable them from syncing to a new base station or tracking them based on serial number. This is something that definitely needs to be implemented or it is going to severely hurt future sales.

A Seattle news station just ran a story today about Arlo cameras being stolen in my city:

Any update/status. Should be easy to vuile in and make thuis availanle in next update. 


Hint: Find my Arlo!


Any update/status?


Should be easy to build in thuis feature and make it availanle in next update. 


Hint: Find my Arlo!


You are never going to prevent physical theft. If they want it, they will find a way.


but why not implement an Apple style device registration process? You can’t register an arlo camera to your account if it’s previously been registered to another account? Then allow account owners to remove the device from their account when they want to sell the camera etc. I believe the removal part is already implemented.


this is still not going to stop someone stealing the camera, but it’s at least useless to them if they did.


I would like to have a tracker either incorporated in the camera, or a phony camera that is placed more obviously. The dud could have a tracker inside disguised as a camera. I will then be able to track the culprit to his liar.


Arlo Moderator

The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!



Gotta find a way to protect my outdoor camera from theft. Arlo's "anti-theft" mount is not at all "anti-theft". The camera simply unsrews. It takes 5 seconds to unscrew!!


Also, maintaining a data base of all registered cameras would be a great deterent to having your stolen camera show up on Ebay.


Great ideas, but I'd prefer a no cost remedy, whatever solution is used.  We've already paid a substatial sum for these devices, which without such protection, are of questionable value.  Even though Arlo's recording of the theft may be possible, this "defense" can easily defeated by wearing a ski mask or other type mask, when approaching the camera. 


Why not include sensors and an alarm within the camera, that senses and goes off if/when the camera is removed from the base, without disarming the feature first.