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Temporary Device Off Option

In the camera device settings located in the app, rather than just being able to toggle the camera "on" or "off", I would like a "temporarily off" option with a selectable time range.

If I'm going to be active within the camera range and don't want constant alerts I would turn the camera off and not always remember to turn it back on. I would like to be able to turn it off for a selected time (from 10 minutes to several hours) after which time it would turn itself back on.


Yes I agree, that would be a nice option.


Another vote for this feature. Would make it even more useful if it can be accessed via the Force Touch menu (which, by the way, is STILL BROKEN).


Isn't this what the geofencing/schedule modes do?


This is not the same. Geofencing would require you to enter or leave a geofence area to trigger a change in mode. Scheduling would change modes at pre-set specific dates/times.  What the OP is talking about is to have a way to change a camera mode for a specific duration (probably fairly short) then return to the mode that was active originally.  


Example would be when you're home you may want most of your outdoor cameras "on" detecting movement.  If your kid goes outside to shoot baskets in the driveway you'd want to be able to shut that camera "off" for an hour or so while he/she is out there our your driveway camera will constantly be taking video (and potentially sending you notifications ever couple of minutes).  This is an actual occurance for me and it drives me nuts.  If I shut off the driveway camera to stop the notifications I usually don't remember to re-arm it until the next day.


This would be incredible valuable for those times when somebody is doing yard work, etc.   It would be nice to have a quick setting to turn the cameras off for that area and time frame rather than having to go into the tool, disable your alerts manually, then remember later to re-enable them (which is very easy to forget). 

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Status changed to: Engineering Investigation

I have a similar but different request, which you might consider in tandem with this:


I use Geofencing all the time but what I really want is to set geofencing or scheduling for specific devices, not all.  I don't want my indoor cameras running when I'm home (geofencing good for that) but I do want my outdoor cameras running even when I'm home.  But I am forced to choose all-on or all-off.  So I would like to be able to set geofencing/scheduling just for specific devices = my indoor cameras.


Instead I am having to manually switch one camera or else the whole system on and off each day.  This would be related to the ask to have a temporary hold on specific cameras or the entire system.   In that example, think about that Apple iPhones allow you to switch off WiFi or Bluetooth once until the next day when it automatically restores.






Yes  this would be a great idea with a calendar to tap the dates I will be home on holidays instead of the normal away-at-work schedule. 

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We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Or, at least turn off notifications during a specific time frame.