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Temporarily suspend video and audio recording

It would be nice to have a mode called "Temporarily Suspend" that disables the current mode for a set period of time (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, etc).  This would allow a user to turn off all cameras but they would automatically return to the previous mode after the set period of time.


Please add a feature to disarm all cameras for X minutes or hours. Once that time is up, the system should return to the mode that it was previously in.


This would make it easy to avoid notifications and save batteries when you want to. But the key is that you don't have to remember to turn the system back on manually.


Added bonus points: make this IFTTT-able!




I would love to have some version of a snooze function.


I usually run my Arlo on a schedule tailored to my work schedule but sometimes my sister comes to town and stays with me for a day or two. I then shut off my schedule so I don't have videos of her wandering around my house but since I'm so used to letting it run on auto I forget to turn it back on after she leaves town. So then I'm left without video backup for long periods of time, ugh!


If I could hit a "snooze" on my schedule and tell it "one day" or "two days" then it could just turn the schedule right back on after my visitor leaves town. I would find that really helpful. 


I would like to know if a timer can be added to the arm/disarm mode?  When we are in the yard working we like to save the batteries and disarm the cameras, but sometimes we forget to arm the cameras again, can a timer be added that way if we forget to arm them the timer will do so?





Not at the moment unless you can perhaps set up an IFTTT recipe.  Depends on how far you want to go.

Ever find yourself working in the yard, bring groceries in, expecting company, etc. and wish you could just "snooze" your system without manually shutting it off and having to remember to manually re-arm? And go for days before you realized you never had the system on? Arlo developers, please consider adding a "disarm snooze" before returning to your program schedule.

WILL ARLO Make this a feature???


 Netgear lazy people already sucker us into buying the product. Hope the newbie read and THINK TWICE BEFORE INVESTING INTO THE PRODUCT. The motion detection takes about 3-5 seconds to record- I know the cam is in sleep mode. That 3 - 5 seconds makes a big difference. I done everything Netgear recommend to optimize the cam.  

With regards to the setup software can the following be done/added:

The functionality to be able to nest rules so that you could have a rule which then applies to different rules on a per camera basis. At the moment you can only have one rule applied at any one time meaning that you cannot do per camera rules ie have some cameras running a schedule, and some doing geofencing

Need help finding the Disarmed icon.

When you log on, go to the Mode page. It should show the Disarmed mode. Select it and the radio button at the beginning of the line will be filled/selected.