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Temporarily suspend video and audio recording

It would be nice to have a mode called "Temporarily Suspend" that disables the current mode for a set period of time (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, etc).  This would allow a user to turn off all cameras but they would automatically return to the previous mode after the set period of time.


Yes, I agree.  This is driving me crazy...  I also forget to re-arm the cameras after I disarm them.  Very common when I am out doing chores in the yard for hours...  I would use this feature at least once a week.


Does no good to post, they could care less about service after the sale.



I need the ability to temporarily pause my cameras for a designated amount of time. This cannot be that hard to implement. The idea has been out there for years now and Arlo hasn't figured out a way to get this implemented? Take a week off from building new cameras and just get this basic enhancement completed. 


This was implemented some time ago.  Go to settings, there is a "Mute Notifications" option that you can set for 30m, 1/3/24 hours.


I believe the request and this thread is titled “ temporarily suspend video and audio recording!!!”  Not, mute notifications.  So no, this was not implemented.  The idea is to preserve battery by not needlessly recording.  


Actually I did not know about this mute feature. This will work for me. Thanks!


Mute works for me as well.


I just re-read my comment above and it sounded rude. Apologies for that. 


I would lika a quick deactivation where you set a time, similar to activation and deactivation buttons in the app, after the time the camera is activated again. for example you know you will be out in your garden or working on your garage driveway for a few minutes or hours, press the deactivation button a dialog shows as question for how long, you set in minutes or hours, after the set time the camera is activated again. if, as today, you only deactivate, it is easy to forget to activate again. or via the scheduler, the time has always been deactivated at the same time every week.


It would be great if there was an easily-accessible PAUSE button with a user-selectable time interval in the app control for each camera.


We use our porch during the summer and I would love to hit a pause button and then select 2 hours (or some other interval). This way, recording is stopped, battery usage is diminished, and it turns back on by itself after the interval is up. That last item is what makes it useful. If I simply turn off the camera while on the porch, I have to remember to re-arm it!


Pausing a camera would be better than Muting Notifications, this mutes all cameras.  If you could pause only a single camera then it resume after you have a bunch of traffic moving near it.   I usually disarm, but always forget to re arm the cameras.   This should be an easy update and very well used.  It does seem like this falls upon deaf ears since this threat is over 5 years old.