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Temporarily suspend video and audio recording

It would be nice to have a mode called "Temporarily Suspend" that disables the current mode for a set period of time (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, etc).  This would allow a user to turn off all cameras but they would automatically return to the previous mode after the set period of time.


Dear Arlo,

I am writing to suggest a feature/request an improvement to the Arlo App (for iPhone). It would be very helpful to be able to disable a camera for a specified amount of time. For example, when I play in the yard with my kids, the camera repeatedly triggers, so I disable it, but then I forget to turn it back on. Why not make it possible to disable for a period of time specified by the user, after which it turns itself back on?

Thank you!



Arlo is just completely ignoring this thread, just like I am going to ignore their new products going forward...

Yup they are and I too as well as many others are ignoring their new products.  Geofencingnis also broken and they seem to be ignoring that as well.  They have to be the dumbest company ever to so royally piss of their customers.  I am now up to 5 friends/business acquaintances I have steered away from Arlo.


Yes please add this feature ASAP!  It drives me nuts when i'm at work and my wife and kids are at home playing outfront and it continously sends in alerts.  I then disable the system and of course always forget to re-enable it.  A 30 min snooze would be an awesome feature to incorporate.  

All camera devices/app should have a mode which you can set a disarm timer, say your washing to car instead of every family member getting 100 notifications you simply set a timer e.g. for 30 mins after this the camera will automatically arm after the timer.

Disarming the camera allows for us to forget to re arm and is a hassle. We didn’t have the camera up for 2 days not realising.

I know you can set allotted times when the camera is operational but its not great when something comes up unplanned and you just want a quick temporary disarm.

As I have been following this thread for a LONG time (a few years) which Netgear seems to be ghosting, I wonder if anyone has found another solution from another manufacturer that works. Specifically, wireless cameras, cloud storage that is cheap or free, and the ability to pause recordings for a certain amount of time. At this point Arlo seems to have made the choice that they will not add this feature. 

Arlo does appear to be working on pausing notifications for the application, but not recordings and not device specific.  One user discovered the function and several of us corroborated the find, but I think it was a slip up and has since been hidden again by Arlo.  It was not operable yet, but was clearly a pause in mortifications.  No help with camera battery life issues due to known activity, but perhaps the implementation will be better than it appeared in the “leak”.


I have not yet found a supplier that offers all of this.  Ring has a large battery camera, but doesn’t appear to have geofencing.  At least I haven’t seen it yet.  Nest has geofencing, but not battery cameras and their app requires a computer to manage the saved video clips.  The mobile app doesn’t have that capability l


Can the Arlo engineers place a timer on disarmed mode in the Arlo app.  So one has a option to temporarily disarmed base on a adjustible time limit.  Then Arlo would armed automatically at end of preset timer duration. This would be very helpfull for my remote camera locations, where I need to disarmed for repeating visitors.


Clearly Arlo doesn't pay much attention to these forum suggestions... A 'pause-but-automatically-resume'' feature is a badly needed function.  My Arlo's run on a defined schedule, with different cameras triggering and recording at different times of the day, but lawn guys and house cleaners just play havoc with the system, tripping the push notifications constantly for 30 minutes or so on entry and exit.  Then I'll go into disarm, get involved in something else, and realize several days later that the system is off..  Unacceptable.

Fair-to-poor software seems to be a given for most of the home-user-oriented smart devices these days... No real thought goes into a comprehensive requirements plan for the products, and once released, they almost never fix key missing functionality. Too bad, so sad, no more arlo cameras for me.

We need a feature that will allow a pause on motion detection for a set period of around 30 minutes so when gardeners or pool cleaners come we don’t get an alert every 15 seconds until they leave