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System loses online service or camera is disabled notification

I am very disappointed that the Arlo system has a HUGE flaw in the system by not making notification that the system loses online service or a camera gets shut off. This is a necessity and a security breaching issue and I am strongly demanding this is included in an update ASAP. I have tested the theory myself and found that it's very simple to just unplug the internet access wire from the base station and during the period its unplugged there is no video being recorded and no notification made to the home owner and meanwhile there could be a burglar in the house or one of the kids could easily be doing something they shouldn't be while its unplugged. Afterwards they could plug it back in and like nothing happened. This is not cool at all.
Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


A complete settings log/history alongside this would be appreciated 


I completely agree with this. I had a camera down all day and had no idea. I came home to the front door open. Thankfully I had another camera that could tell if anyone was around the open door but I couldn't tell if anyone was actually at the door.


Thankfully I am able to determine that my daughter just didn't shut the door completely but still. It woul have been a huge help if I would have known a camera had went off line.


This is mind boggling that it’s yet been implemented


This should also be applied to the arlo baby for when a stream stops etc. 


Very disappointed with Arlo's lack of customer support and refusal to take action on issues important to customers. 


Arlo lo is understandably loosing ground to competitors and in trouble.