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Support more storage options

There are 2 type of markets:


Group#1: You have the none-techincal people, who just want to turn everything on, and start using it as a "for dummies" style. Everything is simplifed and beautifully presented to them without need to know all the technical stuff. They are welling to pay a reasonable fee for making their life easier.


Group#2: On the other hand, you have the computer geeks, like myself, would prefer my recordings goes to local NAS and then automatic synced to my OneDrive, this way I get a copy locally and a backup copy in my cloud. I know how to configure it, am familar with troubleshooting if have a problem. and frankyly I couldn't care less about the the nice interface after it has been configured. And i don't want to pay for more money when I already got tens of GB of cloud storage available at my dispose.



I see Arlo is satisfying only group#1, and making some money off the subscription. But I think group#2 would prefer an IP camera over Arlo partly due to the space limitation. If Netgear can support pushing recording to various cloud storages (local NAS, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox...etc), then you might get more share of group#2 market.


Completely agree. But that continued revenue stream of subscription service is just too good to pass up.


 I was wondering if the 2 USB ports on the back actually "did" anything useful.  It should be used just for the purpose you mentioned.  That would be great.  We could go even further and just get an external HD (2TB+) and use it for local storage with the "cloud" being the back up to that.  


Yes being able to record to my home system and the cloud would be fantastic. I have 4TB built in and 2tb backup. I have all the space in the world for Arlo storage.


please make this happen, this is a great option and should be part of the package.  the hardware is there, if it is a software patch that is needed, it should be easily deployed via update to the base station.




Totally agree with Hula_Rock!!

For those who have bought the system already, please provide an update of your software to allow storage to USB immediately!!!

The user should have the flexibility to configure between cloud and local storage, configuration option similar to motion on/off.


Arlo team, could you please respond if you are considering this and when you could provide a patch?



Community Manager

This is a great idea. At this time I do not have any information on whether or not it is being considered for implementation. Please continue to support great ideas like this one by giving it kudos!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Do you really think Arlo would allow this when they have you subscribing (and paying) for their expensive cloud storage?? If you don't want to use the cloud storage, you probably should've bought one of the many alternative solutions available on the market!!

There isn't another fully wireless solution on the market. What happens if you lose internet connection during a service outage. Middle of the night your camera don't record anything cause they have no play to record it too? If they didn't want to make the device itself capable of doing that. How about to my Netgear router? Has USB 3.0 and it's not doing anything. Make it use that and a 16Gb or whatever USB stick to save your favorites and download all videos for that matter. Save to the clouds and or just use that. I've lost connectivity to my Arlo many times and only had it about 2 months. I can't get to it even in my own house if internet is down. There should absolutely be a way to save locally since it doesn't even work without Internet currently.



I understand the revunue stream that Arlo gets for "Cloud Storage".  What I am purposing is the ability to re-route recordings if the base station senses your internet connection has been lost.  Maybe limit the amount of vidoes to a thumb drive no larger than 5G.

@Hula_Rock thanks for clarification and yeah that makes more sense definitely. It's a good idea actually. I just think there needs to be an option for utilising cloud and locally attached storage.