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Sortability/Grouping of mode and rule names in overview

Many modes and rules I have created use similar names or prefixes, for instance, I use the prefixes "Day:" and "Night:" to identify modes that are active during the day and at night (the motion detection sensitivity between day and night needs to be slightly different on some cameras, or I have too many events occur during the day).


Currently, there is no way to sort the modes and rules in the overview. This makes for a less organized view. It would help tremendously if it was possible to order modes and rules at least by their name to group them. Ideally, a user-defined sort order solution would be preferred, but a sort-by-name feature would be a great help too.


I forgot to mention that a sort order is probably most needed in a mode's view of rules, where activating the correct rule for a given camera is crucial. If I have multiple rules for the same camera it is often difficult to find the applicable rule, if the rules are not grouped by camera. So, a sort order by the motion-detecting camera would be very helpful. An additional sort order by recording camera would also be welcome.

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