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Solar panel power for cameras

It would be great to be able to attach solar panels to the cameras for more perment installs to charge the batterys.
Ok cool, absolutely if u could and share them, it would also be the same idea as hooking to an external solar panel

So could a battery pak be created to allow the connection of a solar panel to allow the batteries to trikle charge? I am considering the options to adapt existing cameras and adding a panel to see what the impact would be. Only issue is the seal for weather but I can reseal as needed.


i hacked one together this afternoon using these batteries because they have overcharge protection built in.

16340 Battery, EASTSHINE E07 700mAh RCR123A 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable CR123A 4Packs

But, i do NOT recommend them because it was a VERY TIGHT fit.  I'm not sure if i will be able to get them back out without destroying something.

But, the solar cell is charging them.

And like you said, i am also concerned with the weatherization, not sure how long this hack will last...


i bought a 9 volt solar panel and some rechargable batteries with circuit protection built in, and wired it up.  The solar cell keeps the batteries charged, even in shade.  But, the concern is weatherization now.  Did i seal it up OK?  Or will water find a way in?  

Maybe i will keep this one under the eave of the house...


How did you setup the solar panel outside and route the power feed in?

Community Manager

As a reminder for those involved in this discussion, NETGEAR does not recommend using Arlo Wire-free cameras in this way. Powering the camera using alternative methods may result in damage to the camera and void the warranty


NETGEAR recommends users always power Arlo Wire-free cameras using CR123 lithium 3-volt batteries. For more information, see here: What kind of batteries does my Arlo Wire-Free camera use?


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I agree with the person who said this should only be done with a regulator, not wired straight to the batteries.  I used very tiny gauge wires, and just closed the battery door shut on them.

This shouldn't directly cause any damage to the camera, but if it overcharges the batteries and they leak, then it may cause indirect damage to the camera...


Just a thought for the Netgear people.


I recently purchased a Duracell Solar charged Exterior LED light with motion detection. This unit comes with a separate solar panel and a 3.5mm jack to connect to the LED light. The solar panel has 6m (20ft) of cord that allows me to mount the solar panel in a optimum place to collect the most energy. The system is good enough to produce 120 Lumens of light and drive a motion sensor.




I was considering a 6 volt sealed battery in an enclosure with a charge controller connected to a 6 volt solar panel.  I just need to figure out which of the connections are where to connect the + and -  inside the camera.  I really like the wireless idea as well, but in some applications where it is high traffic the camera is going to come on a lot and I don't want to be getting batteries all of the time.  I would only do this to one camera that is on my front porch.


I hope Arlo/Netgear realize that engineers/hackers are going to be buying these to maximize their usage.


Hi, An engineer at Arlo should be able to make a Solar solution to keep rechargeable batteries charged in our cams.  I think this would be a dramatic improvement and eliminate inconvenience of changing expensive batteries all the time, as well as have Arlo be way above the competition in sales.  Please give some thought.  Thanks for listening.