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Shorter video length or still shot

I have the basic Arlo system set up and have been playing around with the modes.

Obviously when out or during the night I want it to detection motion and record.

But when at home I would like it to notify me but not record, now I know this can be done but on my phone app it just sends me a push notification it would be nice if it would update the camera part of the app that shows the last recorded view of each camera or have a setting instead of recording taking a still shot!

My thinking is I'll be in the house maybe in the back garden and the front camera would detect motion and I can quickly check my phone and the camera page will show a still shot so I can decide if to record?

Hope that's makes sense?

I agree. It would be great to be able to tell IFTTT to take a still shot every hour, particularly when the camera is unarmed. 10sec of recording time is often a waste when you just want to see if a car is parked in the drive way or not.