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Schedule Camera(s) to take Pictures

I am using Arlo for a construction project Im currently working on. This project will be going on for more than a year. It would be great if you could add a feature that would allow me to schedule the camera(s) to automatically take a picture at certain points during the day. For example, I would like to be able to place markers on the schedule at 11:00am and 4:00pm and then have the camera(s) turn on a take a picture at those selected times. This would be great for eventually putting together a timelapse of the project over a year's time. 


Thanks - Peter


I would also like to see this as an update feature.  True, IFTTT can record, but snapshots are more ideal.  Maybe arlo can add the new "Action" as "Take Snapshot".


Auto scheduling of snapshots and a share link that is static for the last image taken would be perfect. I could really need this in combination of Smartthings and Actiontiles 🙂


Hi All,


I've put together a python script that can take snapshots periodically and story it to AWS. It uses @jeffreydwalter's Python lib. I also added a script to actually create a timelapse.

It's probably a bit too geeky if you've neved coded before, but you van give it a try:








I want to install 2 cameras on the front door


1. One aimed at the porch.  It will record a video every time someone deliver a package

2. One aimed at the street.  I want to see the vehicle.  It will not be feasible right now because it will record every time a car drive by.  I only want it to take a photo to extend the battery life of that camera




Auto scheduling of snapshots and sharing to an email or cellphone would be preferable. Auto scheduling of snapshots in general would really be a great feature. Please Arlo!!!


I agree, possibility to schedule taking pictures will be awesome. I monitor the construction of my house, and I don't need to connect to camera often. But after the end of the day, it would be nice to look at how a building grows without a lot of battery life.