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Rotate image 90 degrees

I've got my Arlo focused on the walkway leading up to my house which is longer than it is wide. Arlo currently allowd me to rotate the image 180 degrees so I can mount it upside down, A 90 degree rotation would let me turn the camera on its side and have more vertical resolution where I need it.


Another request for ability to rotate 90 degrees.

Please ad an option in the app to rotate the image 90 degrees. This would be helpful where (like in my case) I have an Arlo camera at the end of a long hallway... I want to turn the camera 90° so I can see the length - I do t need a wide camera to see the width, but it would be great for veering far away up to right under the camera.
But if I turn it that way today, the image in my phone is just sideways. There's and option to rotate the image in the app 180°, but that doesn't help me at all. Can u just add an option right there for 90° also?
I'm sure others would benefit from this, as well!

still nothin?  c'mon!



90 Deg!!  and if you are working on it - try a 45 as well, at least, that need some enigneering brain work - the 90 degree thing not!


We might be seeing part of the reason Arlo stock values have plummeted nearly 85% (!!!) since August, from around $24 a share to $3.55 a share. Management might be otherwise occupied. Now in penny stock territory, might be a good opportunity to make a risky investment. 


Meanwhile, I've just mounted an Arlo Pro sideways to provide a long view down a hallway and into the driveway. Gives a sideways view that I can manually flip using video editing software. Have only had to do that once when a porch pirate snatched a package.


I mount the cameras where people approaching the house can see them, one above the door and the other above a window. It's funny to see the times they work as a deterrent, with surprised looks from people who quickly put their head down and turn around. Only once did a guy brazenly ignore the cameras and snatch a package. Ends up it's a low-risk venture for him. The police said they appreciated the images and video, but couldn't do anything about it unless they caught him in the act. At least, I was able to print pictures on the flyer to post and distribute around the neighborhood. 


please please implement "Rotate image 90 degrees" for everyone's sake.


90/270 degrees would be great, i had to mount my arlo in the sideway with 90)270 


90/ 270 degrees is the only option for a side way for the following:

* Get  wider view for the sidewalk

* To make the IR away from the wall so that getting the right expousre, otherwise wall will be very bright elsewhere is dark!


Just to keep the count going. I have a hallway where 90/270 rotation would be perfect. Please can we move forward with this request Arlo? On the face of it, it should be relatively simple to implement. If not, coyluld we get some feedback on this forum that it’s no longer being considered as it’s been 4 years since the initial request. 


same. please add!


I love this comment and would love to rotate my ARLO camera 90 degrees.