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Request for unique scheduler per Arlo Pro camera

Hi Arlo DevOps team,


I would like to recommend a feature to the Arlo Pro cameras.  Last night, we missed a break in on our street, due to our sensitivity on our front door camera being at 92%.  I'm also seeing differences between iOS and the Android mobile app.  More functions within the Apple app.  So be it.  But it would be great to have a scheduler per camera, so we can focus on catching these guys that break into the cars between 1 am - 4 am.  Its getting warmers and we would like to catch the ba guys once and for all.  


Please also look into the Android app to allow for the Arlo Base to have the edit function under "Armed". 


Thank you very much!

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Arlo Moderator

Hi @pdfarrar


Have you tried to use the schedule mode to custom create a mode with defined rules/sensitivity per camera?