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Remove Play/Pause selectable BUTTON from the center of the screen

Currently when viewing any recorded video in the Library, There is a round ,partially transparent Pause/Play button.  It sits directly on the center of the screen.  It disappears during playback but returns when paused.


The problem with this selectable button's placement, is that when one pauses during any segment of the playback of the recording, the button appears blocking the area of the middle of the screen.  This is an important area for viewing when recording and is very annoying and obstrucive when trying to view the scene behind it when paused.


Personally, I seen absolutly no need for this opion on the screen.  There are operation buttons available at the bottom below the screen.


If you must have this button on the screen, then at least move it to a corner like the upper right or left side of the screen.




What's the status of this fix? If the entire point of a security camera is to see what's going on when you are away, why would you obstruct the view with an icon? Furthermore, if you pause the video, the play icon is also a nuisance.


When playing a video in the Arlo app or on the website there is a GIANT "play" circle button covering the middle of the video! The video is likely paused because the user wants to get a good look at whatever is in the middle of the video but now it's covered with a GIANT PLAY BUTTON. PLEASE remove ALL graphic overlays from the videos. We know how to play and pause videos, no giant circle needed.

Please add a fulltime pause button during playback. It could be placed down in the lower left corner so it's not in the center of the video.
Arlo Moderator

The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Pause for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour...until change, until [insert time] until next schedule, or until leaving home (geofencing) would be a nice option. Too many times I forget to turn it back on when I’m out doing yard work and hate to see 200 plus videos of me walking back and forth mowing the yard or pressure washing the driveway. Thank you!


I could see where that could come in handy but I'm looking for a "pause" button during playback. When your watching a video, you have to tap the screen to get the pause button up and then you missed what you wanted to pause. Then you need to "rewind" and tap the screen right before what you want to pause so you can pause it. Sometimes you have to do that a couple times to get it to pause at the exact spot.


Strange that this unnecessary play button overlay doesn't generate more feature requests to have it removed!

It is indeed extremely bad UX. I saw that this was raised as a support issue in another entry and the resolution was to download the video clip and play it in VLC!


Anyway, just thought I'd add my voice to the conversation....


PLEASE remove the comically over-sized "play" icon!


I think the Start/Stop Icon should not be directly in the middle of the screen so big it blocks the screen.


I'm adding my voice to those who dislike the centre play button. It blocks what likely triggered the camera.

In addition, please add a pause button *not* on the video.

I've not yet purchased a subscription, and these things make me hesitate doing so.


When you go to play a video, the start/stop icon is in the center of the screen and it stays there for a few seconds after the video starts, blocking the view from that spot! I can't tell you how many times I've had a video where what I wanted to see was right in the center of the screen for a few seconds and I couldn't make it out because that icon was blocking the view for a few seconds when the video first starts.

So please when viewing videos could you move that icon out of the middle of the screen and and put it down next to the timeline control, you know like YouTube and most every other video player does for the painfully obvious reason of not blocking your view? I play back my videos mainly through the Arlo iPhone app and the Arlo android app on a Chromebook but all Arlo apps and website should have this change made as soon as you have the time. I know you can transfer the video and play the video from somewhere other than the Arlo app or the Arlo website but you shouldn't have to go to that trouble to do so. So please move that icon so it stops blocking the center of the screen and all of your users will thank you and thank you again. Thank you! 🙂