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Reinstate Active Camera Feature In App

With the last Arlo app update, we can no longer manage active cameras via the app and need to do so via the browser. It's most inconvenient. Please reinstate this 

Arlo Moderator

Hi semiquaerz,


Could you clarify with unable to manage active cameras? Is this relating to Arlo Smart? Do you have a screenshot or any error message that you're having this problem with?


Here's a screenshot of my Arlo app. We used to be able to manage active cameras here. Now we need to login via a browser to activate / deactivate my cameras. I don't need a plan although I have 6 cameras as I only need 5 cameras to be active depending on certain situations. It is so inconvenient now to manage them.




Hello Arlo Support,


Now that the option to 'change which cameras are active' has also been removed, I have several Arlo cameras which are impossible to use!  I am told I must pay for a subscription to activate cameras, but subscriptions are also not possible as the payment country cannot be changed.


Please consider;

1) re-enable the functionality to enable/disable cameras, 

2) Allow users to change payment countries,

3) Issue refunds for those who bought these cameras which are now impossible to use.


Many thanks.


Article about removing camera enable/disable functionality:


Restore manage camera to both app and to website to those of us who purchased with this function as a primary reason


I can't find Manage Camera Status anymore in the Mobile App, Android. When did they remove it?


Have you tried this on the web page?  It works there and on my Iphone. Not sure about Android. 


Can't Manage Camera Status anywhere except in older app dated back 11/2019


Can't find Manage Camera Status anywhere except in older app dated back 11/2019


What I have done is to reinstall an old version of the Arlo app, version 2.11_26070. Now I can deactivate and activate the cameras with ease. Whatever google play store has an update I save the app to a backup folder so I would have already backed up previous versions. If the new version has something I don't like, like nags ads and runs slower on my phone, I just simple uninstall the new version and replace it back to an older version. The Arlo app has been updated 11 times since version 2.11_26070.


I have been running an older version of the Arlo App on my Android phone, but has of Sep 19, 2020, Arlo forced me to upgrade to the new version.  Therefore, Manage Camera Status is no longer possible to activate and deactivate cameras.  I thought new version should add or improve features, but Arlo takes the path of making things worse. 


If someone has a solution, please send me a private message.


I have had nothing but disappointment with the  Arlo Pro 2's reliability and Arlo's poor customer service.  I am going to install a camera system from an established security system company.  I will probably have to pay a monthly fee, but you get what you pay for.   As for subscribing to Alro's monthly service, no way, I am not paying a fee for bad service.