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Open APIs for developers

There are many developers that would like to extend the capabilites of the cameras specifically and the system in general.  If there was an open API that would let users access their local cameras and control them that would be great.  Also, if there was a documented RESTful API to get to the data on the servers that would allow incorporating the data into a whole host of applications.  I suspect both the camera and server APIs do exist since the original developers had to use something.  If other could get at these interfaces this system could be the go to system for developers.


+1 for an API.  Arlo has the potential to be a great hobbiest platform!


Creating home automation after ping ponging from cloud service to cloud service leaves much to be desired. If the lights aren’t on and the talk radio isn’t playing by the time the intruder has progressed from the driveway to the front door, it defeats the purpose. Going through ifttt is incredibly unreliable and slow.


Local network discovery (ie bonjour) and an open, locally-accessible API unlocks the true potential of these devices. I want my home automation hub to be registered as a callback so when motion occurs, automations can take place in real time.


Also being able to stream video off to a local viewer or network-accessible local storage is incredibly important. The cloud has its place — off premise backup, analysis, ML — definitely. But for a home security product, some features need to Just Work when either the router, the isp, their connectivity with you, or your service are down. There are too many steps between my LAN and your servers for anything approaching even two nines of availability.


I use HomeSeer (HS) automation system and I bought one Arlo Q Pro for testing, but was disappointed to find out that there's no Arlo integration in HS. For that reason when buying more cameras - I'm going to check if they support HS integration or at least have public API.

I was happy to find @jeffreydwalter project on github and want to give it a try.  The only problem is - since it's not based on official API – so it can change any day (as it happens to Logitech Harmony integration).


Just bought the Arlo Pro 2 today, very nice product and quality, motion detection, alerts and all.

Requiring an Internet connection is a no go for a surveillance system, no local API and only internet IFTTT.

May return it just for that :-(


I would love a full featured api. Features would at least include:

  1. Getting current status of cameras and basestations
  2. Getting recording history and links to recorded videos
  3. Triggering a camera to record or take a picture
  4. Being able to arm/disarm system including custom modes, currently IFTTT only supports the default arm/disarm modes.

This would go a long way to allow developers of the smarthome community really utilize your hardware.