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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




They seem to struggle with the simplest of issues and the fundamentals of having a product and providing a service.. HTML5 will be way down the list. If they get there before they disappear. I can't see how they will be around long term at this rate.

Ring need to buy them and replace their infrastructure with something that works.

You don't Ring (Amazon) to buy them out. They have very porous security. and they are hacked almost daily.

Ring had one main issue a few years ago where you needed physical access to the unit get wifi passwords, was fixed years ago. The other "hacks" are just people using weak passwords.. Lazy journalism keeps regurgitating this.

Arlo protects from this by ensuring their system is offline as much as possible.. 🙂


Chrome is already phasing out Flash support, which makes accessing a PITA. Come on Arlo/Netgear. It's almost 2020. HTML5!


The continued use of flash is pushing me away from buying more products. For example I picked up the nest doorbell instead it the Arlo.


Its a bazaar situation, its not as of web programmers are hard to come buy, or its a hard thing to do. 

They must pay for the positive reviews they get, there is no way an honest reviewer could recommend Arlo products, they barely work in any capacity since I bought a system.

Hurry up already. It's 2020!

I bet Arlo won't do anything until end of 2020 when Adobe finally kills its Flash.

I have made a video on this, which can be found here: Share it if you can. This is absolutely ridiculous. They still use Adobe Flash on Desktop in 2020. Inexcusable.



In August 2019 the CEO tweeted "have a couple of major releases ahead of the transition...". 

Two days ago in a request for an update the response is: "We have no update at this time".

Regardless of the trite opinions of "SuperUsers" like @TomMac; this issue affects far more customers, their satisfaction and future sales than they realize or care.