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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




This is completely unacceptable that netgear has not responded to such a highly active community thread. They obviously do not care about their consumers as long as they continue to ship cameras. I would suggest everyone on here with this issue (I am another that cannot use flash in my situation) take your frustration out on their advertisements across social media. Hit them where it hurts. I know I will be.


Great Idea.  I just posted my complaint to facebook.  Perhaps if we all searched for ARLO and HTML5 we can create a lot shares and visibility.



I posted on a bunch of their "arlo home" facebook page posts. Obnoxious yes, but I'll take that.


OMG, I have only been using the app on my phone to access the Arlo Pro 2 system at my house now for months. Today I just logged into the website and my jaw hit the floor as I discovered that Flash, yes FLASH is required to use the website and view camera feeds. Are you guys serious? Even well before 2010, we all knew Flash was dead or needed to be end-of-lifed due to it's horrid use of resources, not to mention the gaping security holes. All current browsers have disabled it, are ending support for it, or have already done both. Hell, I don't even have it on any of my computers anymore at all!


How is it that a company that is trying to market itself as a security service is still tied to Flash?


1998 called, it wants you and your Flash page back.


This is flat-out embarassing.


This is honestly ridiculous that Netgear is requiring Flash. Flash is known for SECURITY vulnerabilities. Arlo is supposed to be a SECURITY camera. Not only does that not make sense, but I'll gladly inform my fellow employees, at the really popular big box store everyone shops at for electronics especially smart home tech, that selling Arlo is not a good idea considering they are still using Flash which has been on the way out for years and officially is being killed off by Adobe. Any company that hasn't moved off Flash yet obviously don't care about your security. Any company that doesn't care about your security, doesn't need your money ESPECIALLY when they sell SECURITY products. It makes me wonder how insecure the rest of their tech really is.


I use a Windows phone and it would be great to view my cameras using the browser like i can view the majority of videos on the web in the browser using HTML5. I also remember how Windows phone didn't sell because the employees stopped promoting them and actively discouraged potential buyers from getting one. Maybe doing the same for Arlo cameras at Best Buy might start to speed things up.


Coming here to agree and express amazement. Just installing my first Arlo cameras (Amazon UK dialy deal too good to resist) and found the web interface requiring Adobe Flash. Are the people at Netgear still in the 20th century? Flash is dead, Chrome is/has removed all support for it and will probably soon block it completely.


HTML5 video please.


Same boat as you! When I saw that it made me wonder what I just bought and installed. I use Linux and Flash has long been a security risk. But the same goes for Windows and Mac. I just can't believe they are not using HTML5 yet? That is definetely going in my review at store.


Why in the world would you use Adobe Flash to manage video? Adobe Flash is one of the worst maintained, most vulnerable options available... and I find it ridiculuous and inexusable that you, as a security offering would even consider using Adobe Flash. Please join the 21st century and convert to HTML5.


I just want to express my frustration. I simply cannot believe Netgear still uses Flash in their web app. I just can't use my laptop to see my cameras and it's really frustrating.


The worst part is that Netgear simply does not respond, so we can deduct that they don't care about their clients.


I will not upgrade not reccomend Arlo to anyone based on this.


Seriously, Netgear.  WHY use Flash?  WHY not acknowledge a roadmap for replacing it?  Your insistence on using Flash makes Arlo a fairly useless product on my network.   There are alternatives!