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Motiin detection alert - Snapshot

Would like to see a notification style alerts of detection to mobile with a still, why it's the anxiety sometimes of see the alert go into the app and ...

Why can't you use the email type still but so it appears in your mobile notifications.

I agree, great idea!


Yes, a snapshot to mobile push notification sounds good.


I agree, This would be a nice feature


I think this would be amazing!!


More agreement here.

I have one camera near a tree that gets triggered a couple of times a day by some birds that are nesting nearby. 

The Netgear cloud servers that are taking the recorded video could easily extract the first frame of each video and send a link to this snapshot as part of the configured notification methods. (I.e. push and/or email). 

The links and snapshot images only really need to be kept for say 24 hours and could then be deleted which would keep a lid on the storage requriement for these images.

brh Master

I like this idea. I hate to wait for the video to record before being able to see what is going on at my home. I would like to see the still frame in text messages if that is how one receives one's notifications.


In addition, the thumbnail/snapshot needs to be of what set off the motion. I really hate that the thumbnails in the library all look the same because they are of the start of the video


Sometimes you may not want a full video, just a quick photo.  It would also be great if that photo could be immediately sent to your mobile device.