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Minimize lag by saving to USB drive first

I know I've seen a lot of complaints about lag.  From what I see most of the lag is caused by the camera waiting for the network to be able to upload to the cloud.  The mechanical part of the sensor being tripped and the lens opening is a second or less but if there is any network congestion or hiccup of any kind you camera can't record to the cloud.  

Make it so I can buy a USB drive put it in the back of the base when a camera activates it records directly to the flash drive, once the recording is complete then it uploads to the cloud, but the actual recording is immediate, no waiting for the Internet.  This simple solution would change how fast our cameras record

BS. Netgear's "business model" is irrelevant to me. When i bought these i thought i was getting something that would work equal to wired cameras with a DVR, but wirelessly. That's not the case. I am happy to pay the subscription fee for cloud access and internet availability but the cameras should record locally first and then move to the cloud if the user decides to do so. Netgear can keep their subscriptions for people who want to have global availability but local recording and access is something that needs to be implemented and soon, otherwise i might have to find another solution to my security.

@rknield  it seems netgear either isnt interested or doesnt care pertaining to this idea.  This sytem is great for checking in on a pet or a person you need to see from another location, but as you can read in these forums through all the complaints it is not a security system.  it takes 2-3 seconds for the cameras to activate after the motion sensor is broken and thats even if the sensor is tripped, then another second or two for the base to connect to the server and start the upload of video.  This is usually a 3-5 second delay from the time the sensor was tripped, and alot can happen in 3-5 seconds.  with the system i have now that replaced my arlo ( it is wired)  the motion sensing is great and the recording pre records 10 seconds before the sensor was tripped, so now when i view the recording i can see the entire event.  if it was someone walking up to my front doo i have a recording of before they even enter the field of view of the camera.  This system also lets me use the triggering system as with arlo where if one camera is activated it can tell other cameras to also record, except now every camera records every time it is supposed to unlike my arlo system where 4 out of 10 times at least one of the trigger cameras wouldnt record.  I couldnt wait around for netgear to MAYBE fix all the compounding problems with arlo, not when my familys safety relys on it. 

Long winded post but i dont believe arlo will ever store locally as then you will not rely on their networked storage.

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I assure you that the Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. While I do not have any information on this particular topic at this time, we greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation.


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I agree - pre-wrinting to USB seems simple enough this lag is an issue.  I'd gladly pay a subscription fee for could storage if I was getting the full motion event as it sits now I'll stick with the one week as it's not worth paying for anything at this time. 




As I live in China the internet is quite unstable. Dual recording, or first recording to USB and aftwards uploading in the cloud would be very disirable.

I'm considering purchasing the Arlo Pro system. One of the features states that you can record to a usb device. Is this a new feature relative to the discussion of this thread which would allow recording to the usb first or has this feature always been present but the recording first goes to the cloud and then later can be downloaded to the usb?

I am very glad to ran across this thread.  I have two Arlo cameras and two Foscam cameras, all 4 are wireless, but the Arlo base makes set up so easy (in fact, we bought a new router and still need to connect the two Foscam cameras Smiley Embarassed, but the Arlo system was just moving the ethernet cable).  The Arlo cameras are great, but they miss people walking in the door and although they work great to see what the kids are up to, if a burglar broke open the door and walked through the room, we would probably miss the capture opportunity.  Now, I am delighted to see these USB connection instructions and will be putting this in place asap ( If this increases my capture capabilities, I will be delighted and will likely purchase more cameras.


As a side note, I also went through a lot of batteries and now have them on Subscribe and Save on Amzn so we have them in stock when needed, but since using the Geofence option (it is a beta option), the batteries last much longer.  The Geofence is great because you can use a combination of Geofence and set schedule (regardless of location per geofence).


So, what is the status of this notion?  I see that I can plug a USB drive into the Base......but will this reduce the lag?  Has anyone tried this USB option and noticed a significant drop in the lag?


 I just got the Arlo Pro for Christmas...... set it up yesterday ... and it's rather laughable at the empty pictures I am receiving from the Arlo saying 'Motion detected'..but there's nothing in the picture.....  I have the camera about 5ft away from my front door..and so far I've caught.... *nothing* on the numerous pictures sent to me so far...


I'll go wired if I have to, but I really loved the idea of this wireless system....  If rapid motion detection does not work...then there's no point to this system for my home security....


I have portable with a usb3 connection to my Asus RT-AC68U router. The previous suggestion of adding a drive to the arlo station is a good idea but as an alternative if the arlo station doesn't have the horsepower would be to buffer to a local router-based 'cloud drive'. Personally, I think Netgear has thought of both of these simple to implement solutions but is afraid people will next want to drop the expense of using the netgear cloud altogether and there goes the most profitable part of this product. I'm lucky to get even a second of video before whatever triggered my arlo is out of the field of view. And this is with a camera setup in the supposedly ideal position where all motion is across the camera's field of view. If anything is actually coming toward the camera, even at a 45 degree angle, the subject is typically out of the camera's field of view by the time that recording starts, if it triggers at all. I'm expanding my security coverage but moving to POE cameras and will eventually retire the arlo's and give them to the kids as toys to play with if we can't get a firmware update that solves these problems.


Do you have a compatible USB drive to recommend?