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Managing TWO accounts

I just installed our FIRST Arlo system at our office last week, and now that I've got it tweaked-out, I must say I am downright IMPRESSED with how well this system is designed, and how well it functions.


However, there are a few features I would LOVE to see added in future iterations:


1. Presently, if one has TWO accounts (due to our being so pleased with our OFFICE system, we intend to set up an entirely separate system at our HOME), one is forced to either smush them together into ONE account (which has a bunch of downsides, including paying $9.95 [?] a month for having more than 5 cameras,  even though they're at differnet locations) -- or two have TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS (in order to avoid a monthly fee, etc.).


The problems with the "TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS" strategy are:

1. One must use a different e-mail address for each account

2. One can't monitor both locations at the same time from the same portable device.

3. One has no way of knowing (from either the push notification or the subject of the e-mail notification which only says "Arlo Has Just Detected Motion") from WHICH account the motion was detected

4. One has to log OUT of one account and log back IN with a separate username and password to access the second account (a time consuming hassle, especially if you've just recieved an alert, and you want to find out as quickly as possible what's going on.


My wishes (solutions) for a future upgrade to the system:


1. Users be allowed to write the subject heading that will pupulate the e-mail notifications sent to us, so we can quickly differentiate which camera was triggered -- and, if applicable, from which account/location.


2. A change in the fee structure, such that customers (like us) are not in essence "punished" with a $9.95 monthly fee for buying MORE Arlo equipment and thus being arguably "BETTER customers"!

Does anybody have any ideas on how we can have two separate accounts for our home and our office -- and be able to quickly differentiate from which account a motion detection notification is coming -- and QUICKLY log onto that account from a smart phone (in our case, an iPhone 6)?


I'm guessing we're not the first Arlo enthusiasts to run into this predicament!




Alerts work the exact same way.


Completely agree with T-man!  I was invited by my significant other to help monitor his home while deployed, and by my father when he installed Arlo at his home on our recommendations.  Now I'm adding Arlo to my office - as purchased by my business name - and cannot separate the accounts/view separately my family's cameras and my work ones.