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Management Via Lan

I noticed couple of times, when my internet is out for extended period (like an hour) arlo doesn't try to reconnect. 

On my router interface I can see the base station got an ip address, but it was offline and I had to reboot the base station for it to work. Not even rebooting router worked. It is kind of frustrating, that I can't reboot base station via lan. I have to be physically there to reboot. I enable remote management on my router when i go away, it will be nice to troubleshoot via lan IP address. ( also, why is not reconnecting when i get internet back? )


Did this problem just start happening in the last few weeks ?


A lot has to due with timing of the system coming up along with router....

Easiest solution I know is a Wemo outlet for the base so you can toggle it off and on to allow it to come back up ( when internet is up )


I replaced 4 modems in last 6 months and it happened every time. I am not sure if the base device caches anything from the old device. I will try to reproduce by restarting router to debug