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Make PC as a trusted device for 2FA

I use 3 devices to access my Arlo cams. My phone, my tablet and my PC. It isn't possible to add my PC to known devices for the 2 step verification process. Every time I try to access my cams via my PC, I have to get the code from my phone and enter it in my PC. Would be much easier for PC users to have the capability to list the PC as a known device. 


There is no link to this bit quoted above:


"The Arlo web client uses the Adobe Flash plug-in to display your camera streams in a browser. Make sure that your browser isn’t blocking the plug-in and that you’re using the latest version of Adobe Flash."

So who knows what @mitch_i read, but Arlo dumped Flash quite some  months ago.


The "software to replace the flash version" has been there for many months.





The quote is from page 70 of the Arlo Pro 3 manual, available online.


From my point of view, and from the point of view of many of the people posting in this forum, the Windows browser is too inconvenient to be a practical solution.


It's not an inconvience for almost everyone to get the code off their phone. Most people have their phone with them at all times. 

And if you had a Mac you'd get the txt msg on your computer screen and wouldnt have to look at your phone.

This is all a bunch of whiners over nothing


I agree @michaelkenward I read his comment and have no idea where he got that info. 


hennesbe must be a Millennial with a cell phone glued to their palm who lives alone.  If more than one person needs access to an Arlo system and only one phone can give "the secret code" that is not going to work when the authorizing phone is not available to OK the login. This may seem like nothing to you but it is a big something to the rest of us.   Since Windows PC's are still over 75% of the computer market compared to under 20% for Mac's I would say Arlo needs to work for the Windows PC owners.  We will see how you feel when your phone is dead and someone is outside your house breaking in and you can't get logged onto your browser.


"We will see how you feel when your phone is dead and someone is outside your house breaking in and you can't get logged onto your browser."

That's what the AR15 Is for,


Yeah I live alone but like I said the txt comes to my Mac so I don't need my phone.  Maybe Gates should be concerned about how his software works instead of trying to scam us with the Covid vaccines .


Even if you get a alert the police don't pop out of the ground to stop a crime even if you paid for a monitored alarm service. 


You can have your texts on your windows computer if you want, it isn't exclusive to Macs. On windows: settings > phone.


Police? I just pull out my gun.


Browser should be allowed to be a trusted device as well. Phones that you may share your arlo with should be as well. That's the sensible solution to accommodate the most people and still keep a higher level of security for the platform.


Arlo has clearly made a mistake here, just admit it, fix it, and in 2 months no one will even remember this debacle. Instead they seem to want to drag it out and keep it a hot issue. Not sure why.


I still have my arlo system and it's still the pile of junk it was a couple months after I bought it 3 years ago. It still has the same reoccurring problems, that arlo fixes, then they come back, then they fix it, then they're back again, etc, etc. However I have moved on to a POE type wired system, so arlo is just used to record funny videos of my cats when I'm not home. That's all it's really good for.


I suggest others should move on to a different system as well.


I still can't understand the need for 2 levels of security.   The security level should be optional.  After all were not

200 feet underground in a bunker below the Pentagon.   I'm looking at my driveway, bird feeders and pond.  The two level mandate is just an annoyance to many and think that is one thing a company would want to avoid.


The extra level of security is not unique to Arlo.  I have it for a few applications.

It provides an extra level of protection for the host computers as well, slowing down hackers into their system.

But I can't disagree with  some that's its important to have more than one trusted devise