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Live view is not fast enough

When someone walks in the frame of the camera, it takes way too long to view the image. Open the app, then wait for "getting status" which sometimes takes a minute, then press the play button on the screen, then wait for the camera to connect, then see the image. Pretty much useless for seeing whats going on at the very moment its happening.


I truly believe they can fix this by rebuilding the app from the ground up, we all know by now (if you have HomeKit setup) the camera live view is zippy fast, no delay at all and is truly live. Arlo you need to rebuild your app for speed!!


This is the single most frustrating thing and honestly have debated selling my Arlo's because of this. 



I thought Arlo was kind of slow, and I was never able to answer the front door with it.  Every step was too slow, getting notification, getting app open and unlocked, getting to the device, gettting it to connect and then the lag between speaking and hearing.  


I got a Ring doorbell, and it isn't perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better at that than ARLO.  ARLO is good for 'what happened', RING is better for 'what's happening'.  I am using a RING PRO doorbell, that is powered- but I have all of my ARLO PROs on solar cells or plug in power, so they do have some pretty good power to them.


ARLO does have better scheduling of cameras than I have found with RING.


I'll keep my ARLO system as a 'back-up' to my RING,  like I said, it is good for 'what happened'.  It actually has captured three events around my house with multiple cameras that were extremely helpful.  But it won't work as an active system.


I think if the Arlo cameras had RTSP then a local connection could be made to the cameras by the APP and greatly improve the latency. In the early Netgear Arlo days RTSP support was requested but nothing eventuated.