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Large "ON" button on the main page of Arlo app to turn system on when leaving home

A Simply large "ON" button on the main page of the App so you can quickly turn the system on when leaving home.


yep, as I mentioned it in the post 😉 


Yes, please post the details! Thanks in advance!


Hi Please could you share how you did this, thanks in advance

@mariosanchez23 wrote:



I have a need to arm and disarm the alarm succesfully when my wife,kids or myself get in and/or get out of my home. 

The GPS option is not working as it seems only works for one. So if I leave the house and my wife is in, it will be armed while she is in. 


Because of this, I created a solution which is working quite good but not perfect. 


I bought the Amazon AWS Iot Button, and linked to IFTTT. 

Now I can arm with just a click and disarm with double click in the amazon dash button. If anyone is interested I can post more details how I did it. 


This is great but not perfect, as IFTTT does not allow for custom modes. (Please add). 


I was looking for some JSON API to allow call my custom modes, but I could not find anything. If there is I would like to work on a possible connection to connect AWS via JSON.




It would be nice if you could turn on and off all cameras at once from the app. We have 3 cameras on my shop and 3 cameras on the house, and it takes a while to shut them all on and off when we are needing to.


I sure would be nice to be bble to set all cameras on or off with one click. Example I'm leaving home or returning. I have disabled each camera or enable each camera. I sure the software team could add a button to the app.



Please, add an one touch button on smartphone/tablet home screen for activate or desactive camera