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Integrate Q to be used in a mode with wireless cameras

Now that the Q camera is available, I'd like to see it be integrated into the modes so you can add a rule along with the wireless cameras. Since we currently need a separate mode solely for one Q, its impossible to set up modes utilizing all possible devices for scheduling. Complete integration, treating the Q as one would for any wireless camera, increases the utility of especially the Q but all cameras as part of a system.


Still no news of integration???

Feels like we’ve two separate companies here - one for Q, the other for the Base Station systems.

Recipe for disaster, methinks....

Please prioritize this feature (Arlo Q connection to Base Station). Full integration means strong advantage to continue buying Arlo products.


I would love my Arlo Q videos backed up into the same pendrive at the base station


 How is this not fixed yet? 

Why do the q and pro work on independent modes? 


I just called tech support, tech didn't care. Kept say "first off all" the q connects directly with WiFi n pro connects to base sh***, that's not the problem. 


At the price we pay for these cameras. Entire system should be integrated! 


Arlo please fix this issue!  


I was on my way to purchasing two Q's today and thought I'd just check to see what the integration will be with my Arlo Pro system.  Our interior doesn't need wireless cameras but I'm sure not buying additional cameras that need to be managed outside of my current Arlo system.  So disappointed.  I'm going to go with Nest camera's for our interior (All Nest products are integrated).  


Just got back from the store and was so excited to set everyhing up. Then I realized that the Q didn't communicate with the wireless...why are these sold together in a package if they don't work together? Has anyone figured out how to make these two integrate? If not I will be returning and purchasing nest.


I would like this as well. I just purchased a Q to add on to my Arlo Pro2 setup and I am quite disapointed to find out that it is handled as a completely separate system. Without these all being integrated fully I have no use for the Q camera.


I forgot to post that I found a partial solution depending on your needs. I wanted my Arlo wireless cameras to record when the Q detected motion through the window, and it works with IFTTT (featured in an Arlo video on YouTube so I figured it was secure enough). Just set it up so when your q detects motion, whichever camera will record for a minute.

This also apparently works with smart lights so they can turn on if any motion is detected which is something I'm considering soon as well.


Am I missing something? This was suggested in 2016, then marked as engineering investigation in early 2017, changed back and forth in late 2017.... and now that we are near the end of 2019 there has been no new mention of this or interaction with this beneficial/sensical idea since the end of 2017?! Is Arlos transition away from Netgear taking up too much time allocation? Who here buys two models of a smart home product/camera from the same company and expects it not to be integrated to start with LET ALONE 3+ years in!


This has been such a disappointment. I hate having to select multiple modes every time i want to arm/disarm for the various groupings that I have. I have 2 Qs and 4 Pro's. Part of me wants to swap out the Qs, which I got because of the better resolution, for Pro 2s. However, at this point I may just switch to another product like Wyze.


Same issue here, I have:


2 x base stations - 13 camera's together

2x Arlo Q's


So each time I need to arm, i have to arm over 4 "hubs", and then disarm 4 hubs again,  day in day out; it is painful. It would be great  to have customisable grouping, so two hubs can fall under one "arm/disarm" command.


The ultimate would be the ability to group by camera instead of hub. So I could have exterior cameras that are across hub 1 and 2 arm, while the interior cameras across hub 1 and 2 remain disarmed until such time I go to bed and arm. 


For priority, check user accounts for > 1 hub, they will then all be experiencing the same pain, and  are more than likely your paying subscription clients.