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IFTTT support

A lot of new "smart" products have IFTTT support, it makes them smarter. The Homeboy (where I assume Netgear ripped the idea for this product) has solid IFTTT support, so you guys should add it to beat them. Thanks.


I've been using this product for 2 weeks now and I believe is a great product but have a lot room for improvement to make it a much better system. This are my suggestions/ideas so hopefully Arlo team can use them to (in my humble opinion) would make this system awesome.


- Integration with IFTTT.

- GPS fence to trigger modes on-off (this would be much easier with IFTTT integration)

- Notification center widget where 4-5 buttons are there to select the Mode without the need of opening the app.

- After motion detection give the ability of keep recording until motion ends. A time limit can be set for battery conservation purposes.

- Make Purchase Cameras link/block on Cameras page less intrusive.

- Give other accounts administrative privileges on Friends section.

- While performing Motion Detection Test show indication on the app when motion is detected.

- Select sections of the video feed to set boundaries where motion detection is triggered or bypassed.

- On camera settings add a button to reset Pan & Zoom.

- Ability to change FPS recording. This probably would save batteries.


I agree with the other commenters - adding IFTTT would add a whole new level of functionality for these cameras. Thanks. 


+1 for IFTTT support. The lack of this bread and butter feature keeps tons of potential customers from joining the Arlo party.  


+1 IFTTT Is needed to make this a useful system.

Yes. Please add IFTTT Support. The schedules aren't quite working as my family and I do not have a regular schedule we keep.
Arlo / Netgear - please comment / forecast re: IFTTT support.
+1 for IFTT support
+1 for IFTT support. One of the biggest issues with Arlo is the time in between when a motion is detected and when it starts recording (huge headache for myself and others). Currently when the mail carrier approaches my house I get a notification to see a video of him walking away, basically a useless video for identifying a person. If Arlo did have integration I could set up an outdoor motion sensor (smartthings) that would send an alert to IFTT that would trigger my cameras so by the time the person turns the corner of my house the Arlo camera is already recording. I also have the Arlo schedule mode enabled but having it automatically turned on and off by presence sensors (smartthings) would be a much smarter system. Arlo needs a better trigger system and IFTT should be it.
+1, please bring the system an IFTTT channel to "rule them all" !! i.e. If my Alarm System is armed then turn Arlo motion ON
+1 Would be great to control Arlo with a request linked to an alarm status (Alarm system armed -> mode "recording" ON).