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IFTTT support

A lot of new "smart" products have IFTTT support, it makes them smarter. The Homeboy (where I assume Netgear ripped the idea for this product) has solid IFTTT support, so you guys should add it to beat them. Thanks.

I have three arlo cameras and would love IFTT support as well. There are two things this would help with in my case: 1) I don't have a set schedule and walking in or out to get the mail, take out the trash, or even leaving for or returning from work is not something I can schedule. Weekends are even more dynamic. I would love to set my mode automatically when I come home or leave. Since I can't it means sometimes cameras are set to detect motion when they shouldn't and sometimes the mode is set wrong when I am away because I forgot to change modes. 2) My battery life - and your server space and bandwidth costs - would be reduced if I wasn't recording myself doing silly things not related to my home security. 🙂 I would sincerely appreciate your consideration of additional support.

Seems like other vendors get it done:


Why doesn't Netgear Arlo?


IFTT channel and Open API are both necesities to make your product worth the price!  It would put your server WAY over the rest at very little work on your part.

+1 Want to buy additional cameras but want ifttt first!

IFTTT integration next December? 

"....Netgear will also offer IFTTT integration starting in December. “We want Arlo to integrate with other devices,”...."


Thank you, Arlo, for finally giving a definite statement about IFTTT! I was really, really close to returning my 5-camera system and getting Homeboy, even though they lack outdoor support.


I'm dissapointed that they would provide that information elsewhere but not update this post.  I'm glad it's (hopefully) coming soon, but Netgear/Arlo team, you're still dropping the ball...



I have managed to hack together a 1way system we can at least set modes based on something else happening...


Now working for this... just wish I could get it working the other way now... I want the ability to turn on a light when motion is detected on a camera now...


Arlo should be added to the platform.


I would love to see Netgear comment on the IFTTT support here in the forums. I'm really excited that it is (maybe) coming (according to the above-linked article), but I'll remain skeptical until I read it on this site.