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Great product but a lot of room for improvement

I've been using this product for 2 weeks now and I believe is a great product but have a lot room for improvement to make it a much better system. This are my suggestions/ideas so hopefully Arlo team can use them to (in my humble opinion) would make this system awesome.


- Integration with IFTTT.

- GPS fence to trigger modes on-off (this would be much easier with IFTTT integration)

- Notification center widget where 4-5 buttons are there to select the Mode without the need of opening the app.

- After motion detection give the ability of keep recording until motion ends. A time limit can be set for battery conservation purposes.

- Make Purchase Cameras link/block on Cameras page less intrusive.

- Give other accounts administrative privileges on Friends section.

- While performing Motion Detection Test show indication on the app when motion is detected.

- Select sections of the video feed to set boundaries where motion detection is triggered or bypassed.

- On camera settings add a button to reset Pan & Zoom.

- Ability to change FPS recording. This probably would save batteries.

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