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Geofencing - Removing old/unused devices from Geofencing settings



Recently i purchased a new iPhone and now when i use the Geo or push notifications it shows my new iphone and my old iphone.  how can i delete my old iPhone from the Arlo App?







As far as I can tell, the data is stored in the base itself and cannot be modified. Arlo has made no claims or efforts to address this in something like 4 years. You may get someone representing Arlo to tell you to submit a help request or an 'idea request', but nothing will help.


Check my screenshots here:


I have 4 devices used for geofencing. 3 of them are long since retired. Even if I disable the other 3, I get the stupid geofencing dialog every time I launch the app. I cannot delete the 3 devices.

This is a major issue and they refuse to fix it. It sure feels like Arlo wants me to move to Nest or Ring.
Arlo really blows.


I encountered the same issue since I just changed iPhone. I cannot believe that it is not possible to delete old devices and that after four years (!) Arlo has not added this feature. 


By coincidence I just cancelled the Arlo Smart subscription after a two month trial. The cat triggers movements, persons do not trigger movements and IFTTT seem to get all notifications no matter what. Pretty much useless and that for USD 10 per month.





If you get alerts from cats but not persons then im pretty sure you have pets ensbled and person detection inactive in the smart settings. 

ifftt get alla notifications and you have have to filter it on that side to determine if or bot to tske action. 


I'm also having this issue.  Just upgraded to a new Galaxy S21.  I now have more inactive devices than I do active ones.  There needs to be some mechanism for deleting authorized mobile devices from the list of mobile devices in the geofencing settings.


THIS THREAD WAS STARTED IN 2016.   Clearly Arlo has no intention of fixing this...   I cant use the feature because someone else not even on my account gets my geofence alerts !!!


Look into the amazon camera solutions.    far superior and evolving. 


Don't worry all, if some of you live in Europe, feel free to make a class action against Arlo for GDPR violation for their incompetence (lets face it, since 2016 the problem's there withouth them even chirping (the Irony of the logo), that's incompetence), after all a phone IMEI/MAC or whatever it uses to identify it, its literally a unique identifier.


You cal also always keep blasting with messages to Matthew McRae, Arlo's CEO which is more interested in sharing funny Arlo twitter videos than stop releasing more products in the market at start fixing the old **bleep**ty problems.

Or if it is like some say, it's on the base station, either attempt to Electronic-Fu it by finding its internal serial port an attempt to find the data, or just blast your base station with a Bat and throw it in the dump (After all the Pro 4 and new wire free doorbells are Wi-Fi, which kinda points you the picture that Arlo FINALLY understood that messing with your already present Wi-Fi (config, signal, interference, unmanageability, etc). was a problem to solve.
Arlo might be great for some things, but this specific problem is utterly stupid, and It still baffles me that their developers either are really crappy on their hardware firmware, or whoever originally designed it worked at Netgear and know they got absolutely no idea how to fix it.

Its ridiculous that this hasn't been resolved in 4+ years. What's going on arlo? You encourage 2 step verification, but then let this happen. 


There are several phone showing on my list under Geofencing Enabled Mobile Devices and I can not delete them.  I do not even recognize several of them!  Please create a way to delete them.  Thank you.


The wildly unacceptable UNWILLINGNESS (*We are 3 years past inability) to address this issue aside, when will we start seeing Arlo-captured footage of homicides directly-attributable to a user’s ex-spouse(s)/partner(s)’’ cell phone number(s) and/or “unique name(s)” permanently catalogued & on display for the current spouse/partner?
“But honey, I CAN’T delete Sugardish’siPhone” is but a drop in the ocean of eleventybillion-a-day Arlo Alerts.....AKA Sugardish reminders.

Tone-deaf Home-wreckers. Fix it already.