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Geofencing - Removing old/unused devices from Geofencing settings



Recently i purchased a new iPhone and now when i use the Geo or push notifications it shows my new iphone and my old iphone.  how can i delete my old iPhone from the Arlo App?







I see this glitch has been around for years then! Great - how do I raise an actual ticket on this, as opposed to just discussion?

We're giving up on Arlo. I removed the camera from my account, created a new account under a different email address, added the camera to the new account, and invited my wife under a different email. She created a new account. Viola! Now the right number of active devices for geofencing, but geofencing only triggers when we both enter/leave the area (as expected), but not until I actually use the app on my iPhone - note that it is running in the background at all times. When we enter the house we get a movement detected alert. I look at the Arlo app and it disarms at that time. We've checked and rechecked all the notification settings. Then today out of now where I do get Arm/Disarm notifications like its supposed to but my wife isn't getting them. The whole thing is untrustworthy and/or unmanageable. We quit Arlo!
I know how to disable a device that is under Geofencing enabled devices by unchecking the box. The question is to delete the enabled device from my Arlo account completely. Thank uou

Same problem as Fludolph... brand new Arlo Pros with geofencing not working as my wife’s phone is duplicated and cannot delete it. Also stopping sharing with her has no effect... she can still see the cameras (after logging out and in).

Hopeless & useless & pathetic to see this bug/feature is left unfixed for almost 4 years. These Arlos are going in the trash where they belong. 


Update ... unshared, deleted devices from wife’s phone. Renamed her iPhone. Created new account with new email. Invited that email to share. New phone name shows up LINKED to the other two phones in geofencing!! 


Fix your bugs arlo. These are a total decoration if I have to check who is in the house before arming it every time. Beyond useless - if you are reading this AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. 


First of all I’m not siding with Arlo here - 4 years to deal with what is a fairly straightforward user requested feature - and counting - is pathetic. 

However for those complaining about older devices still on the geofencing list, you do realise you can select which devices you actually want to be included in the geofencing algorithm. 

So yeah older devices or ones which have been replaced etc will still show but just make sure you “tick” just those you want to be included. If that means selecting 2-3 only and leaving other older non-owned devices unticked then so be it. 

it will do the job for Arlo. 

One last issue...I have up on the geofencing altogether a while back. It was hopelessly unreliable. I now use a schedule mode and I use an IFTTT with our Tado smart heating to do the geofencing as it works perfectly. Not perfect but it does what we want. 

StretfordEnder, To be clear, in my original post I indicated that the two entries were apparently duplicates. Yes, I could select one and exit, but when I returned to the selection list both entries were selected. I tried several times, initially selecting one or the other device, but when I later reviewed the selected list, both were selected. Others have had old entries and can do as you suggest, but my issue is one of apparent duplicate entries, not old-new. I got around this by creating a new account for myself, moving the camera to the new account, and inviting my wife via a different email address. Geofencing is now working and I get away/home notifications, but my wife does not get notifications and extensive reviews of her and my settings have not been able to fix this. She has full access and can change the camera's arm/disarm/geofences status. Maybe Arlo doesn't support notifications to invitees? It is my intention to switch to cameras that implement Apple's Home Security Video. Advantages of HSV include the storage of encrypted video recordings on our own iCloud account, at no additional charge, and one less 3rd-party tracking our locations. Arlo cameras that support HSV, if available before we switch, will not be considered due to Arlo's poor customer support.



In the Geofencing device list, it's telling me I have two devices active that aren't listed. In other words, I can uncheck all devices and on the screen before, or says 2 devices are active. When I enable one, that screen says 3 are active. 


I need to be able to access (and edit) the list of devices associated to my account on a per camera (for the wired) and per router basis. 




I want to ask if removing unused devices from geofencing is possible? 


Is there a way to reset the account so that these old devices can be removed? It is frustrating that they are still in there.


I have the same issue (?) since replacing my iPhone in November '19. My understanding is NO. Odd! I just leave it unchecked and learn to ignore it. Not a good solution vs Remove but for now or forever, NO means NO.