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Geofencing - Removing old/unused devices from Geofencing settings



Recently i purchased a new iPhone and now when i use the Geo or push notifications it shows my new iphone and my old iphone.  how can i delete my old iPhone from the Arlo App?






OK - my Arlo app updated automatically to Arlo Legacy. I started to look into changes and found Arlo Legacy was time limited and did a search using "Arlo" and found Arlo (lifestyle) ver 2.8 (909). Following instructions I downloaded ver 2.8 and deleted Arlo Legacy. I have to admit, everything I have tested, thus far, is working perfectly. All old associated devices that was showing under Geofencing are now gone and only the correct/current devices are listed. There are a few changes but nothing I'm going to object to. At least for now. We'll see how long this lasts.

Yup. FINALLY. Good to see an app update that addresses the issue in the OP. Now the next question-- has anyone tried to delete devices from the new app?


Yes good to see the new app, and as per the previous poster, not sure it resolves the issue if one cannot remove old devices. Haven't tried it as the problem with the new app is that it means you have to sign up to the new subscription service... whereas Legacy users get 7-day cloud storage included. Unless I am mistaken? There has been zero communication from Arlo so no idea...


I wasn't asked to sign up for the subscription service when I recently changed from what is now called Arlo Legacy to the current (new) Arlo app on my iPhone. The new one seems to work well and I even tested the geolocalization with more than one phone which appears to be finally fixed now. However I went back to using IFTTT along with the LIFE360 app a few days later because it gives me more flexibility in terms of configuration and commands.


Apologies if I've missed something but as far as I can see this does nothing to address the issue in the OP?


Yes, after moving to the new app I have a clean list of only current devices, but I still see no way of removing devices from the list, so the next time someone in my family changes device we'll end up with both their old and their new device listed.  


my tenant upgraded to a new iPhone rigth after I migrated to the new Arlo App v2.9..............


so, her previous devcie is now stuck in the Geofencing device list, great! (Not!


Please implement


Whilst it is possible to disable an old or unwanted phone within geofencing in the Arlo App, it is not currently possible to delete it. This means you build up a list of phones over time.

Can the App be updated to allow the deletion of unwanted phones.


My wife bought a new iPhone and I cannot figure out how to delete it from geofencing enabled devices. Is there a way?

I Have five devices " Samsung S-10 " showing in Geofencing.  I only have one!!!!. How do I delete the other four? Does any one know the secret....