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Geofencing - Removing old/unused devices from Geofencing settings



Recently i purchased a new iPhone and now when i use the Geo or push notifications it shows my new iphone and my old iphone.  how can i delete my old iPhone from the Arlo App?






JYK Fledgling

@ShayneS - not Clydesdale404 here but I did just try contacting Arlo Tech Support.  I sent a link to this forum thread and asked if I could get some help or information.  Here's the relevant bits from our chat session:


Merry R

Thank you for waiting John, yes as per checking it here it requested to delete the old device name under geofencing enabled device. In this matter John I really do apologize however there's no option to delete the old device name under geogencing enabled device/.

12:32:44 PM

Do you know if there is any plan to respond to this request from Arlo customers to implement this function?

12:33:26 PM
Merry R

Usually John once there's a plan feature to release in the future we receive email from the other department for us to let us know. However as of this time we do not receive any email from them regarding on the request. No worries from time to time Arlo are checking on the community site to let us know how do we proceed to provide good customer service.

12:36:37 PM

Rest assured as well it will be posted on the community.

12:37:12 PM

Ok. But my concern is the first post in the thread I linked was written on September 2016. It's been 2 years and customers are still requesting this but still no progress. Is there any way you can provide feedback directly to the team who would be able to resolve this?

12:38:36 PM
Merry R

There's no direct contact to them. They are only checking community forum to check for the possible feature to add on the device base on the customer's request.

12:41:29 PM

Looks like they keep missing this request, unfortunately.

12:42:02 PM
Merry R

Yes might be. This conversation will be save on the system so might be this will be reviewed but I can't guarantee.

12:43:52 PM

Ok, thanks for your help.


I seems that this request that's over 2 years old (possibly older if mentioned elsewhere?) still hasn't gotten the proper attention from Netgear.  Is there any way you could provide direct feedback to the team who would be able to help implement this requested feature?  Tech support says they cannot but at the same time say that "Arlo are checking on the community" to provide better support.  It would follow that a community moderator such as yourself could really help facilitate communication between forum members and the Arlo team that could help us with this issue.


I'm less than 24 hours into my ownership of a couple of Arlo Pro cameras and I'm already hugely frustrated by the various geofencing issues.


Does anyone know whether a complete factory reset of the base station (followed by setting up everything again) is an option to remove unwanted phones from the geofencing devices list?  I have no understanding at the moment of where this type of configuration/account information is stored - is it in the base station?


I have the same issue .. waiting for a fix!   Trying to troubleshoot another issue where geo says im home when I am not!


Same issue, worst part is i replaced my phone on warranty so they show up with the same name and there's not even an option to change the names to tell them apart!


For the life of me I can't figure out how to remove our old phones from Geofencing. Both my wife and I just got upgrades (a Galaxy S10 and a Pixel 3) and while I disabled the old ones from Geofencing I can't remove them.


The old phones are not logging into Arlo, both were factory reset.


But when I go into Geofencing, and look at the list of Enabled Devices all 4 phones are shown (but only the new ones are "enabled"). I want the old phones to disappear...

Posting just to bump the thread. I just finished a phone call with Arlo support about a different issue. When I asked them again about these lingering devices on Geofencing, he said Engineering is still working on it. THIS IS AN UNACCEPTABLY LOW PRIORITY for the engineers, apparently. C'mon, Netgear, I'm losing faith in this "security" platform.

Same issue here, old phones still appear in the list... hopefully there isn’t any security threat, but Netgear could surely do better releasing an update to fix this App issue that affects everyone using their product.

They claim engineers working on other priorities but it’s strange given I had 1 App update in 3 years. Bad publicity for themselves!

Bump. This needs to be resolved. It’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been prioritized higher. 1). It’s confusing for the user when upgrading devices. Both my wife and I have 4 devices listed and 2 are old. This UX should have never passed QA/UAT 2). It should be a simple swipe gesture to remove a device that isn’t the primary listed. Clearly the app knows which device in the list is “this device”.

This is absolutely ridiculous.  I change phones too often.  Wow.  I have like 7 listed in there.

JYK Fledgling

According to a conversation I had with an Arlo support rep, "No worries from time to time Arlo are checking on the community site to let us know how do we proceed to provide good customer service.".


So hopefully they'll see this 2.5-year-old thread eventually.


Also crickets from @ShayneS the forum moderator who suggested someone contact Arlo support for help with this.