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Geofencing - Removing old/unused devices from Geofencing settings



Recently i purchased a new iPhone and now when i use the Geo or push notifications it shows my new iphone and my old iphone.  how can i delete my old iPhone from the Arlo App?







I do have the same problem where old enabled devices are still on the list even if I can deselect it. The actual problem is that old phone's name in the list is the same as new one.


I realize this is an idotic question, but how do I change the name of my iPhone? 


"This is likely an issue with special characters in your iphone's name. The default name generally contains an apostrophe (JamesC's Iphone). Change this to something without special characters (JamesCIphone) and try going through geofencing setup again"


For the record, Geofencing worked fine on my old iPhone 6s Plus, has never worked on my husband's iPhone 6. And now I have the iPhone X and Geofencing does not work at all.


On iPhone, go to Settings>General>About>Name. I had to remove the apostrophe from my phones name and that corrected my issue. 

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Take a look at this apple article for more information and steps on how to change your iOS device name: Change the name of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod




Thanks ya'll! I changed the name and I THINK it's working so far. Still need to fix my husband's phone. Much appreciated!


So I use to have an iPad but I got rid of it. How can I remove it from the geofencing enabled devices list?


Would like to add my criticism of Netgear’s handling of this. 


Ive had Arlo Pro with 3 cameras since August 2017. Bought 2 more camera in the New Year “sales”. 


Geofencing has NEVER worked reliably since day one. The missus and I have an iPhone each and it’s occasionally worked for a few days then never again. I’ve deleted the app, re-installed it, got multiple instances of our phone names listed, removed special characters, etc. 


Its really pissing me off and for the amount I spent I shouldn’t have a cumbersome system to arm and disarm. 


‘’The system should also be Apple HomeKit compatible so I can ask Siri to “arm system” or something. This is another real bug bear of mine and just like this thread, the query was first raised in 2016 and nothing has been done about it, commented on, or otherwise.


The after sales service just seems very very poor and Netgear’s lack of resolving even simple geofencing issues is woeful. I have Tado smart heading. That knows when we come and go. Apple HomeKit turns our lights on as we come and go. So it’d cledrly possible. 


‘’I even tried using IFTTT and using when Tado goes into “away mode turn arlo on. Can’t even do that as the Arlo service errors out and ifttt` advise an issue with `Arlo service dating back to `September 2017. 


Very very poor. 


 Is this still the case?


(At this time, devices cannot be removed from the Geofencing list. The list indicates devices that have logged in to the account in the past. Any undesired devices can be toggled off.




i have had arlo cameras since mid 2016.

i am an IT professional for a large company.
I have gone from iphone4's to iphone x's and now am a avid samsung android user.

(which by the way does not work at all well with arlo, i found out after i tried with 2 different names from that particular phone) to make a long story short i have about 15 entrys under my geofence list. ALL unavailable.


i also run a single canary camera in my kitchen which the on off switch works flawslessly.

upon entering my wifi covered house. my canary turns off. when i leave the private wifi area it turns on.

much better system.


Arlo gets this fixed already or take your cameras off the market for a very important component is flawed. 


I was chatting to one of your Support Agents today and they confirm that this is still the case. This needs to be fixed ASAP.  In my household there are currently 3 iPhones and 2 x Pads. 

We update our mobile (cellular) handsets every 12 months. in 2 years we are going to have 10 devices. On top of this, I have 2 of your support team's devices listed. I want to remove tehse devices immediately and also have the ability to remove old devices in the future.


This has been requested / demanded for a couple of years now - its not that hard to imlement!