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FEATURE REQUEST: Disable cloud recording in favor of local storage



I'd like to disable cloud recording when using local storage to SD for many reasons, but the top two are:


1) It seems like EVERY website gets hacked eventually. I don't want recordings of inside or outside my home being leaked out on the Internet.


2) I'm limited to a certain amount of bandwidth every month through our ISP, and lately I've been exceeding my quota which means additional overage fees. Arlo video may or may not be contributing to that, but I'd like to stop uploads so I can be sure.


(BTW... I know this has been asked as a question in the community before and shut down by super users. This is not a question of whether or not this is possible. This is a feature request to the Arlo team.)


I'm using Arlo VMB5000 with Arlo Pro 2 cameras


Been shopping around online for security cameras. Really like the features of the Arlo Ultra.

However, we live in an area of spotty/slow internet and limited bandwidth. Using the cloud for storage is a no-go. I have an ASUSTOR NAS that I want my cameras to work with. So, hopefully this feature gets developed soon. I'd like to install this in the coming year.

Please add a software switch so a user can choose what cameras if any upload to the cloud. I have a very slow LTE connection and I need my bandwith for my kids to do school and not used everytime a car drives by. I have local storage which I would like to use as primary.

Just to say thanks for this thread. I just canceled my trial subscription to Arlo's cloud and I'm now relying on just the base station. Upload to the cloud is too slow due to bandwidth issues, like others have mentioned.


Also I'm not comfortable spending a recurring amount for something I may only need once every 5 years.