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Expanding Arlo Smart Premium to GUAM,USA

I rate this product 4 stars because I recently bought the Arlo pro2 (6) cameras and I can only use 5 cameras due to their limited network where im from, Guam, USA which is a United States Territory. I am confused on why they see their products world wide but cannot support the demand for a customer uprade. I hope in the near future they will consider allowing the rest of the world to fully utilize the Arlo network.

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Arlo Moderator

Hi @TheJedi09,


As you have found, subscription plans are not yet available in all countries. For more information on subscription availability take a look at this article: Where are Arlo cameras sold and what service plans are available?


The maximum number of cameras on the free Basic plan is 5 cameras per account. There is no limitation per household. If you would like to utilize more than 5 cameras without a subscription plan, you could set up a second account on the free Basic plan (to support another base station and up to an additional 5 cameras). Some users also use the "Grant Access" feature in this scenario to allow viewing of all cameras on a single account.