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Enable Custom Modes from IFTTT

It looks like there are a number of threads around the Arlo community forum about triggering custom modes from IFTTT, but this feature request didn't seem to be captured in the idea exchange, so wanted to capture this feature request here.


This is extremely frustrating.  I bought this product and was blindsided by the fact that it is in the stone age in terms of automation.  Absolutely baffling that a system like this lacks such a basic automation integration as turning on different modes.  


+1 from my side as well.


I really need to have IFTTT triggers for custom modes - the built in ones, especially the Disarm one are useless to trigger for me, because my Arlo is never really disarmed (it's just set to a less attentive custom mode).


This would really help me and also push Arlo in the right direction from it's competitors!


Big +1

I know you can arm and disarm arlo pro with IFTTT but I am interested in setting modes with voice. Any suggestions?

I was thinking the same.  Just got into all this and was disappinted to see that IFTTT have removed the capability for individuals to create recipes in favour of the applet approach Smiley Sad


As well as the Life 360 integration (which works much better than the native geofencing for my requirements), I was pleased to see a few applets that allow Alexa to arm/disarm Arlo.  Interestingly, I can find an 'official' Arlo applet to arm but not a reciprocal applet to disarm it (although there appear to be a few alternatives).  I'd really like the option to arm Arlo using a custom mode but alas I can;t see anything that will allow me to do that just yet.  One for the future perhaps?



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Arlo have done enough for them to claim they have an IFTTT interface, but it is so limited that it is almost useless.


When do you plan to provide a useful IFTTT interface ?


+1 to enable custom or scheduled mode. Like other, I am using Life360 as it provides a much better solution for geofencing - it's just that I'd like to have more granular control over my cameras & movement detection than Armed provides on its own (I unable to turn off  movement detection and notification within the configuration for a single camera).


It's 2019 now - this thread started mid 2017. I appreciate that IFTTT have moved the goalposts a little by removing the ability for individuals to create recipes but you'd think that it wouldn;t be too difficult to expose an API to provide what we need?

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Status changed to: Future Consideration

Allow Smartthings and other partner integrations to turn on any modes available in Arlo app. The Arlo API has a limitation that doesn't allow partner integrations to enable any modes available in the app. This will be a great feature to have as it enables the Arlo camera range to work as part of a Smarthome.