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Display camera on google home hub when doorbell is rung.

I just got my Google home hub today and it works great for viewing the cameras.  I am also thinking of getting the doorbell and would like to know if the arlo doorbell is rung can the google home hub be set up to automatically show the front door camera without asking google to show it?


If this is not a current feature please add it.

m_r Novice

This is super needed!

Please implement the solution and also allow each user to set up if the app should ring or not on each device. Being away from home often I would like the doorbell to ring only on my wife's phone.


Please add this feature 


Please add this feature


please implement the feature asap


+ 1 for this feature... I have the doorbell, pro 2 with Google Hub and considering the lights and the security system when it arrives...




I have a similar issue!!!
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