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Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell

It would be great if you could turn off the "Leave a Message" feature of the doorbell.


This could also be Geo-fence based?




I very much support this this request. 


Please make the voicemail an option rather than a rule.

When the doorbell calls my phone I have two options:
1) answer and speak
2) Hang up and send the automated “leave a message” response.

This is ridiculous. If I am on my way to answer the door I need to be able to terminate the phone call without sending an automated voice message and without answering it to speak to them to say “I’m coming”. It’s intrusive and frankly inconvenient abnormal behaviour.

I want to be able to end the phone call as I go to answer the door so that my phone becomes functional again. (As calls prevent the phone being used).

If I am out of the country but family are at my house I’d rather receive a notification than a phone call because If i cancel the call it will say “leave a message” even though my family members might be on the way to answer the door, and if I answer the call it is equally silly given that my family members are going to open the door anyway.

This forces me to answer the calls in MUTE and wait about 10 seconds until I imagine whoever is in the house has opened the door, then hanging up.. to avoid the annoying automated message and avoid talking to the postman unnecessarily.

Tempted to change to RING. I like Arlo cameras but pretty much everything about the doorbell is badly thought out.

- we don’t want the stupid voice recording, we just want a normal doorbell!!!
- we don’t want a call that cannot be cancelled / minimised and ignored if other people are dealing with the door

It’s been said in this forum a lot but unless an estimation for implementation is given then switching to a new bell system will be the only option.

Please make it possible to disable "leave a message". If not add more languages like norwegian.


An option to Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell would mean I can recommend this product to others. Without this feature this is not a product I can recommend to others to buy. This is a pity as it seems a lot of good work & design has taken this product so far but then seems to have stopped.


Completely agree. Not a great feature in my experience, as it can give away no one is at home and can even be misleading to some.


After waiting for an unreasonable amount of time for this capability (something that should clearly be a simple update, yet through bad planning is clearly difficult to change). I moved to Ring Doorbell, which works wonderfully. 

The best things about Arlo are the cameras. The doorbell needs more work. I imagine if they make a doorbell that has similar functionality to the Ring and yet smaller and better looking I would get an Arlo one for consistency, but eventually the wait was too much and the Ring works well.


LordRegis said it all. I too am left with no option for all my customers (from whom I’ve experienced some hostility) to abandon this product. I cannot recommend this product to new customers either. Shame because the cameras are first class. 

Why won’t Arlo representatives comment on this post??


Disable auto mesage feature on Arlo Doorbell


Just bought the Ring, and removed the Arlo doorbell....Goodbye Arlo doorbell, hello Ring doorbell . My new Ring works perfect. It is a shame Arlo does not take this seriously...