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Disable SSID Broadcast

Can the SSID Broadcast be disabled or Hidden from the Base Station?  thanks!



Netgear please add this feature.

I agree... allow the renaming of the ssid to be broadcast, and the option to disable/enable it...






Please add this feature. It's not just for security reason, it's also for not unnecessarily showing up in the SSID list.

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The SSID broadcast originating from the Arlo base station should be optional. The broadcast is unnecessary and only alerts opportunists of the presence of an Arlo system which can realistically be stolen without using any tools.


The broadcast also confuses guests who for the most part don't need to be aware of an installed camera system or even a wireless network for that matter.


I am fully aware that disabling an SSID broadcast offers no technical security but in an area (country rural) where few SSID's are broadcast, listed networks only present theft opportunities and SSID clutter.


The addition of this feature has been overlooked many times due to users feeling the need to share their technical knowledge of how no security benefits are achieved with a hidden SSID. This point is obvious but the pros still outweigh the cons of this feature being implemented.


Wireless CCTV without security defeats the purpose of having a video surveilance. It is too easy to hack in. I had my smart bulbs hijacked because they broadcast their SSID. 


I have a building with 5 Arlo cameras, on a wired-only network for 20 people. This SSID is the only Wi-Fi network around, and I had 3 visitors already ask me for the password for "the Wi-Fi" to access "the Internet". Needless to say, good luck explaining to non-knowledgable persons that "This is not Wi-Fi" and "I don't have the password for that" without losing face as the local IT person.


Please allow us to disable the broadcasting of the SSID.


+1 for hidiing SSID - broadcasting the existence of a netgear/arlo netoork is stupid and unitidy, yet it is super simple to fix.


Dont you care about your customers requests NG?


Not sure why this isn’t getting more support ! I just installed the cameras a few hours ago and the first thing a find appalling is the fact that I am now broadcasting exactly what’s installed. For arlo to be a true home security device it should be a no-brainer to give the option to hide or at least change the SSID..... enough said, I currently have the first 3 running and plans to increase to 7 to cover the proprerty, but now I might need to go somewhere serious and use the Arlos as Toys......