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Developing a Samsung/Android SmartTV App

Has any thought been put into developing a SmartTV app?   From my exprerience and from what I've read online, viewing through the portal has a flash issue on Samsung.


However, why not have an app?  It would be awesome if it would automatically bring up an alert click OK and view the feed as picture in picture if motion goes off.  Seeing if someone is at the front or back door while watching TV would be great.


Looks like Google Assistant integration is "Coming Soon" which will allow us to cast live video to Android TV. 


I would have also liked a native app for Android TV, but Assistant integration is one of my most sought after features! Nice job Netgear. 


I'm much less tempted to buy a competitor product now.


I found a fix for the problem you guys above have in the side loading of this app.

I purchased the arlo baby today and had this same problem. I figured that the message "not connected to internet" stems from the fact I had a wired Ethernet connection. This takes priority over a wireless connection so I unplugged hard wire to force the wireless to take over. The app now works on sony android tv (the same would go for shield tv as exact same architecture). The downside is, the app itself only supports landscape mode in the fullscreen mode on the app. I use a wireless keyboard/mouse to select fullscreen and it switches and fills my nice big 50 inch. Nice that it works, but in dire need of native ATV app development. Would be brilliant to have the "Picture in Picture" functionality. I can be a greedy geek sometimes. Hope this helps.


Update: sideload adaptive screen rotation app as solution to force orientation problem I mentioned above.


A native Android TV app is a must. Only reason I bought nest cam was due to the Android TV app. 


Only thing keeping from buying Arlo cam is the native Android TV app


Native Android TV app is why I ended up buying nest cam 

A native Android TV app is the only thing keeping me from buying Arlo cam. 

Android TV app would be great

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Hey netgear/Arlo I have an idea... how about you make your app compatible with Samsung smart TVs... I can turn a freaking light on with it but I can’t monitor my SECURITY cameras with it!! REALLY???? It’s 2020, get with the times!!!!